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McConnell worked behind the scenes with Biden to keep 'irrational' Trump from creating more chaos: Woodward book

Gene Timmer, the owner of the beloved Dutch Girl Donuts on Woodward Avenue near Seven Mile in Detroit passed away Friday due to complications from cancer. He was 75.

Pence's Trump enabling was likely worse than we thought. And Woodward and Costa's book shows why, writes @kurtbardella . A new story being circulated offers a revealing look at Pence’s character:

There are many people with reviews and takes on Woodward/Costa's Peril. This is likely the only one that mentions Donald Trump's actual favorite TV network: The Gorilla Channel

@MZHemingway  says Woodward book's "underlying argument" that Trump might attack China deserves more media scrutiny @LeslieMarshall  says press should "stop jumping to conclusions" about Gen. Milley's calls with China #Mediabuzz 

"Books in this genre like to make news, and this one doesn’t waste any time." @johnwilliamsnyt  reviews Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book about the Trump years.

And yet woodward'>Bob Woodward can perfectly reconstruct the dialogue from scenes he wasn't even present for.

It's all systems go for students at Ross/Woodward School.

Students at Ross/Woodward expected back Monday after bats issue

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BREAKING: Ed Woodward has resigned as chairman of Manchester United. Woodward’s decision comes after the backlash over the European Super League. - talkSPORT sources understand ? Listen

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I want to hear from Trump supporters today. I want to hear them defend these Woodward interviews. When is enough enough?

Breaking: In recorded interview for woodward'>Bob Woodward book, Trump said he knew coronavirus was "deadly" even as he publicly played down threat

WH staffers are upset with each other for failing to stop Trump from telling Woodward what he knew when about coronavirus - thus revealing that tens of thousands lives could have been saved by stronger, earlier action

“The Trump Century, How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever”. On sale tomorrow. A great book by an even greater author. Make Lou NUMBER ONE! Much better than the boring, no new info., Woodward book. Besides, Lou is much smarter and sharper than Bob, by a lot!

In new tapes, President Trump admits to woodward'>Bob Woodward he concealed critical details he knew about the coronavirus. "I wanted to always play it down."

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On @CNN , woodward'>Bob Woodward drops new audiotape in which Trump gives himself an A grade for his handling of the pandemic. At time (July), 142,000 had died. Woodward calls it “saddest” taped statement by a president, including Nixon.

Bob Woodward’s badly written book is very boring & totally “obsolete”. Didn’t even talk about the recent Middle East deal. Just another tired, washed up Trump Hater, who can’t stand that I have done so much, so quickly! #MAGA 

For years Fake stories and investigations, then the phony Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX, next Ukraine and the failed Impeachment, now the crummy Atlantic Magazine’s MADE UP STORY, and lastly, the political hit job by rapidly fading woodward'>Bob Woodward and his boring book. It never ends!

woodward'>Bob Woodward had my quotes for many months. If he thought they were so bad or dangerous, why didn’t he immediately report them in an effort to save lives? Didn’t he have an obligation to do so? No, because he knew they were good and proper answers. Calm, no panic!