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Update Shanquella Robinson: An arrest warrant was issued for the crime of femicide, or the killing of a woman because of her gender.

Cold case detectives seek information in 2019 shooting death of woman in Lodi

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Just be a woman about it and tell me the Truth! Yes! I'm cheating on you! Available now Caught Up by M LeMont x #amreading  #bookclubs 

A 22-year-old woman died after a tree fell on her car while she was driving down Route 11 in Sunapee, according to New Hampshire State Police.

WATCH: Police in a southwest Florida city worked to save a woman from her car that was slowly sinking in a canal early Tuesday morning.

The Sanford Police Department is seeking the public’s help locating a missing and endangered woman.

A regular home just wasn't interesting enough for one Kenoshawoman. So instead of the white picket fence or home in a cul-de-sac, she bought a firehouse built in 1915, fixed it up, and has been happily living in it ever since.

Old Bridge police looking for driver after woman dragged 100 feet in hit-and-run

For the third time in history, the #SupremeCourt  will have an all-woman bench on Thursday. @sardakanu_law 

A 32-year-old woman was shot dead following an altercation between two groups in #Rajasthan 's Karauli district on Wednesday.


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INCREDIBLE MOMENT: Boynton Beach police sent this video out in the hopes to honor the people who got out of the car to help the woman who had a medical episode while driving.

A woman’s life was saved because a bystander remembered how to do CPR thanks to this scene from The Office. RT to quite literally save a life.

Let’s be clear: if you believe the government belongs in a woman’s uterus, a gay persons business or marriage, or that racism is okay- THEN PLEASE IN THE NAME OF YOUR LORD NEVER FUCKING LISTEN TO MY MUSIC AGAIN. AND ALSO FUCK RIGHT OFF. We good?

Leni Robredo, the only woman on the ballot in the Philippines election, is an outspoken critic of President Rodrigo Duterte and a frequent target of his insults. Thousands of young people, some too young to vote, have been cheering her on. #Halalan2022 

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While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not be the last—because every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities.

A woman’s chilling pleas for help can be heard coming from a passing car in Leimert Park on this eerie doorbell video. LAPD says they couldn’t find evidence of a kidnapping last night, but this footage made them reopen the case

I'm not that little girl from Disney anymore. I'm a full grown woman now.

When a whale swam up to this woman and wouldn't leave her alone, she was freaked out — until she realized he was saving her life ? (via )

No Mr. President, providing health care to every man, woman and child as a right is not a curse, it's exactly what we should be doing.

This dude kept a woman chained and shackled to her jail bed during childbirth. I will never forget that story...