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"Make no mistake," @Will_Bunch  writes, "Trump’s looming arrest on Tuesday will not be the end, but merely what Winston Churchill once called 'the end of the beginning.'"

After the plaintiff argued that Winston Churchill would have appreciated the proceedings.

HAPPENING NOW: LVMPD needs your help to find missing 41-year-old Marcus Winston. [📷: LVMPD] READ MORE:

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STAY ALERT! | Emergency crews are on the scene of a fuel leak in Winston-Salem on Highway 52, according to fire officials. Fire officials said one lane is open from the Sprague Street exit to the Research Parkway exit.

Jameis Winston said to be finalizing 1-year deal to stay with Saints, backing up Derek Carr

Parents in Oregon are still seeking answers as to how a health class assignment about a sexual fantasy at Churchill High School was given to students.

Winston-Salem police identify Virginia man killed in crash

NFL free agency: Jameis Winston returns to Saints on $8 million deal

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In 1947 on the cusp of Indian Independence, Winston Churchill supposedly said “…all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw.” Today, during the 75th year of our Independence, we’re poised to see a man of Indian origin anointed as PM of the UK. Life is beautiful…

The European Court of Human Rights was created by winston churchill'>Sir Winston Churchill to counter the risk of fascism re-emerging in Europe. Now most Tory leadership candidates want the UK to withdraw from it. Draw your own conclusions.

Zelensky has led his people and his country through 10 months of war with Churchillian courage and resolve. Eighty years after Churchill addressed Congress and America amid the Blitz, our message now must be the same from all quarters as it was then: We are with you.

“What is love? Baby don’t hurt me.”— Winston Churchill

New Zealand: Winston Peters — deputy PM of New Zealand addresses an American COVID-19 denier at a press conference. “Sit down. Sorry sunshine, wrong place.”

In 1938, Churchill published a series of speeches warning of Germany’s rising menace, “While England Slept.” Today, one of America’s major parties is asleep, as a rising tide of authoritarianism threatens to submerge many of the world’s great capitals. My speech on the Floor:

Tom Izzo sharing the news with Cassius

Watch this giant polar bear pet a dog on its head in Churchill, Manitoba

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