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Wikipedia editors decided in July that "Fox News would no longer be considered 'generally reliable' in its reporting on politics and science, and in those areas 'should be used with caution to verify contentious claims'” via @WIRED 

Will Wikipedia be banned in America too? Is Microsoft going to buy Wikipedia too?

Is Kamala Harris the first person on a presidential ticket with an economics (double major) degree? Is she the first to have lived in Canada? (h/t Wikipedia)

Trolls Are Currently Trying to Deface Kamala Harris' Wikipedia Page With Slurs and Other False Info

Harris as been a VP nominee for 15 minutes and someone already changed her Wikipedia to "Cuntala Harris" -- doing great, America!

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The jackasses are already having their fun on Wikipedia, alas

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‘Political ploy’: Wikipedia’s unaccountable editors turn site into ‘playpen’ for Western imperialism (Op-ed) @Wikipedia 

#StartupStreet | Wikipedia is asking Indian users for donation, what is the rationale behind this?; We speak with @rajeevkarwal  of @MilagrowRobots  on how robots can take-over your floors; We decode the biz of EVs with @ebikego 's @IrfanCEOatEBG 

"Incredibly, Facebook currently employs as a fact-checker an entity that is an affiliate of the Daily Caller. But if you look at Wikipedia’s guide to sources for its editors, you’ll find that it holds the Daily Caller in even lower esteem than Fox News."


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The Kurdish language may be restricted in several countries, but dedicated volunteers are working in secret to keep the language alive on Wikipedia. Thanks to them, Wîkîpediya Kurdî has more than 30,000 articles! Learn some Kurdish vocab this #IndigenousDay  🔊

@dylansprouse  brother, they're trying to separate our Wikipedia page. The world is trying to split us once again brother.

I had to Wikipedia my age the other day. I forgot how old I was.

Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 20 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram Android iPad Gmail Netflix streaming Wikipedia Google Maps Amazon Prime App Store SpaceX Reddit Snapchat Skype Spotify Airbnb Uber Xbox Waze iTunes Hashtag Chrome Tesla Bitcoin LinkedIn

I'm just out here trying to make sure Dylan and I never lose our joint Wikipedia page.

It has been one year since Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey. Today, we commemorate this loss of knowledge. Share this video and let the world know that #WeMissTurkey .

Christie: Trump has a "revolving door of deeply flawed individuals — amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted and unconvicted felons — who were hustled into jobs they were never suited for, sometimes seemingly without so much as a background check via Google or Wikipedia."

A week ago, I warned viewers NOT to look up But #DevilsTriangleif  you did & heard Brett Kavanaugh’s explaination today, you’d know - HE WAS LYING (& the last minute Wikipedia edit by a House of Reps IP address is even more tragic than dudes who dig the triangle)

Giannis had to check Kidd's Wikipedia after he got benched

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