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Nicholas Goldberg: Why arts and music education matter — and why you should support Prop. 28 in November (via @latimesopinion )

Nicholas Goldberg: Why arts and music education matter — and why you should support Prop. 28 in November

Fifteen years after introducing McLovin to the world, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Emma Stone, and more look back on ‘Superbad’—and the making of a modern classic.

Saxophonist, Merryl Goldberg found herself on a plane to Moscow with three fellow musicians from the Boston Klezmer Conservatory Band. She had carefully packed but one of her spiral-bound notebooks, lined with staves contained hidden information.

CLUB NEWS: Gotham FC is excited to announce that Nathán Goldberg Crenier has been named as the club’s new Assistant General Manager. Read more:

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Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes, Mo’Nique, Robin Thede — each name is another note in the long, sad dirge of canceled female late-night talk show hosts. And now, as of last month, add Samantha Bee.

Northeastern standout Chelsey Goldberg finally achieves a 9-year dream of bringing women’s hockey to the Maccabiah Games

Went to many wrestling events in that arena they're in tonight for #WWERaw  The first being December 1998 Nash beating Goldberg. Also remember RAW there in March 2001 the night Paul Heyman made his color commentator debut and Vince made Trish Stratus bark like a dog.

Nicholas Goldberg : Is there anything Democrats and Republicans won’t fight about? (via @latimesopinion )


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Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended by The View following her controversial comments about the Holocaust when she said 'it was not about race' @Baddiel  tells @susannareid100  and @adilray  that Goldberg's comments reveal 'a lot about the confusions people have around anti-semitism'

Hearing a lot of Leftists, from Obama to Whoopi, say that abortion is a "difficult choice." Okay, please explain why. The only answer: because there is the life of a preborn child involved. Now explain why your personal interests allow for its death.

Why is it that Rosanne (a Jewish woman) gets canceled for off color remarks but Whoopi’s gets a total pass for antisemitism and downplaying the Holocaust? I can’t help but notice that only people on the right face consequences for their mistakes.

Whoopi Goldberg explaining that the Holocaust wasn't about race because these were "two groups of white people" isn't just insipid, it's insidious. It's downplaying the minority status of Jews in order to uphold bullshit intersectional arguments that justify anti-Semitism today.

If Whoopi Goldberg had ever expressed sympathy with a conservative cause in her entire life, she'd be out of a job today. But Leftism confers immunity from anti-Semitism concerns, as we already know from Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, said his magazine's story about Trump calling Americans who died in battle "losers" and "suckers," was just the tip of the iceberg

We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times. YOU Season 3 is back in production.

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Steve Jobs would not be happy that his wife is wasting money he left her on a failing Radical Left Magazine that is run by a con man (Goldberg) and spews FAKE NEWS & HATE. Call her, write her, let her know how you feel!!!

?WOW? @DonaldJTrumpJr : “Joy. You have worn Blackface.” “Whoopi, you said that Roman Polanski.. It wasn’t rape, rape, when he raped a child.”