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Christian Glass called 911 because his car got stuck on a dirt road. When he wouldn't get out of the car because he was afraid of the police, the officers shot and killed him.

“If you see this bull, please call 911 immediately and under no circumstances should you approach the animal as he will chase you,” the police department posted.

New: Youth crisis shelters aren’t set up to deal with foster youth who need intensive mental health treatment. When teens try to harm themselves or others, staff resort to calling 911.

911 calls shed light on moments before shooting of high school football star outside Gwinnett mall

3 people were hospitalized in critical condition and another 3 were in stable condition, according to Las Vegas police, who said they began receiving 911 calls about the stabbings around 11:40 a.m. across the street from the Wynn casino and hotel:

BODY RECOVERED: AN elderly Rhea County man was found in the water of Watts Bar Lake Thursday afternoon after a 911 call reporting an overdue boater.

FPL OUTAGES AS OF 6AM, Friday Oct. 7 Sarasota - 9,610 DeSoto - 1,220 Charlotte - 22,230 Lee - 8,000 Collier - 4,911

The "Reno 911! " star and her wife, singer Jessica Betts, talked to Tamron Hall about what caused the lapse in communication.

MISSING, PLEASE SHARE: Authorities say the mother of 20-month-old Quinton Simon called 911 Wednesday morning to report she woke up & discovered he was missing.

Dauphin County 911 dispatchers answer call after call in a darkened room, a job that can be taxing.


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A police chaplain named Steve Lee was part of a failed effort to pressure Georgia election worker Ruby Freeman to admit to voting fraud that never occurred. Police bodycam footage in Dec. 2020 shows him parked by her house after she called 911…

Hello 911? I’d like to report a murder. Must watch TV. Rand Paul Destroys ABC’s Stephanopoulos Over ‘Voter Fraud Big Lie’

"Deal with it yourself." 17 yr old Jaydon Chavez-Silver died from a gunshot wound after 911 dispatcher hangs up:

NEW: A New York City pilot program to respond to 911 calls for mental health crises with social workers instead of cops appears to be reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, while increasing the percentage of people who accept help when offered.

The University of Pennsylvania has gotten $70 million from the Chinese Communists and paid Vice President Biden $911,643. Neither the University nor Biden will release the books. Was all the Biden money Chinese? Why would the Chinese give U Penn $70 million. Why is it so secret?

Hello 911, I’d like to report a murder! “He was only a good VP because he understood how to kiss @BarackObama’s ass” @realDonaldTrump  on @JoeBiden 

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo asks state lawmakers to adopt ‘Amy Cooper’ 911 false accusation bill. More:

New York City EMS received 6,406 medical 911 calls yesterday. It was the highest volume ever recorded in the city, surpassing the record that had been set on Sept. 11, 2001.

IT ONLY TAKES 2 SECONDS TO RETWEET: AMBER Alert issued in AZ for 17yo Sandra Rios-Chevez of Idaho. Police say Miguel Rodriguez-Perez abducted her, and Rodriguez-Perez's phone has been pinged in Kingman. Call 911 if you see her.

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