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The Great Resignation is not over: A fifth of workers plan to quit in 2022 via @wef 

10/ WW1 and WW2 were largely won because of who controlled the Prize of what Oil was to the world powers. Today the WEF has created the ESG narrative to regain control of oil and its trade routes on the seas.

This video shows why centralized medicine of the WHO/WEF/AI will fail. The assumptions are wrong so the Rx wont help avoid disease and will likely increase disease & this is their goal. It creates incentives/profits for those injecting it into your care.

Govts will go after #BTC  in novel ways when no one buys their bonds and begins to buy BTC DO NOT TRUST GOVERNMENTS MAINSTREAM MEDIA BANKS Never trust anyone with ties to the WEF. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU DO NOT TRUST - VERIFY. Then buy Bitcoin for term insurance for tyranny

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the possibilities of the metaverse are endless. #WEF2022  #extendedreality 

Maybe I’m just weird, but #Crypto  nor #Bitcoin  don’t scare me as much as our World 🌍 in general Our World is scary & imploding given fake money,fake wars, maybe another fake PLANDEMIC & a resource grab by WEF elites, then you have the anti-Elites w/ their gold backed money

Crypto Industry Is Still 'Embryonic,' WEFFinance Lead Says

Crypto Industry Is Still 'Embryonic,' WEFFinance Lead Says #Policy 

Reporting to the IMF/WEF/WHO like the good middle manager she is.


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A candid moment with @realDonaldTrump ⁩ as he departs the @WEF  Conference in Davos.

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The amount of attention @wef  receives is inversely proportional to the org’s usefulness. (it’s useless)

So the World Economic Forum has police who are intimidating journalists? @JackPosobiec  tells me the WEF police who detained him wanted to "review" his footage and only left "when they realized this thing was getting bigger than they bargained for."

Federal ethics commissioner flooded with emails calling for investigation into WEF conspiracy

Things heard at WEF: "We need a re-calibration of human rights like freedom of speech..."

Twitter has now suspended the user who Tweeted the clip of someone at the WEF saying “We need a re-calibration of human rights like freedom of speech.”

Join me live at the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland! #WEF18 

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