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I’m under the weather with a bad cold. My grandmother’s old advice was to sip whisky, lemon and honey and I now realize she was basically telling me to drink Bourbon Sours. 🥃 Bless you, gran. #medicine 

Mainly expecting winter weather impacts along and east of the Highway 65 corridor this evening into Thursday morning with a wintry mix or rain, freezing rain, sleet, and snow. West of Highway 65, temperatures will be warmer and mainly rain is expected.

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A complex storm system will enter the area come the weekend, but for now we'll take mild and sunny. @EricSnitilWx  has more on News 8 Weather Now, streaming here: #ROC 

SNOW IN FLORIDA? New video shows what appears to be snow flurries in Fort Pierce. However, the Weather Service'>National Weather Service says that it's not snow. What do you think? #FloridaWinter 

January 22: Rain chances linger tonight for areas east of I-35, with dry weather anticipated elsewhere. We also expect some patchy fog development after midnight for areas along and east of the I-35 corridor. Overnight lows will be in the lower 40 to mid 50s.

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A hot and windy weather forecast has New South Wales fire authorities bracing for a potentially dangerous day.

#Update  From Davos, where it is -3 degrees Celsius, Jared Kushner & his aide Avi Berkowitz cancelled their planned visit to Israel, citing bad weather. Jerusalem weather: + 4 degrees Celsius. They had been scheduled to discuss the Zombie Peace Plan with Netanyahu + Gantz.

Meanwhile, Justin Herbert is big and tall and that's what you need in bad weather. Might be time for NYPD Blue reruns.

Wet, slushy winter weather caused multiple delays and closures this morning, and also led to a few slide-offs.

Photos: Frozen iguanas fall from trees as cold weather grips Florida


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Loving the weather yet again. Summer is finally here , what's everyone upto ?

Jesus! Just got out of bed ....the weather is insaneeee...

ACT OF LOVE: This 99-year-old man walks six miles every single day -- no matter the weather -- to visit his wife in the hospital. And listening to him talk about her will renew your faith in love.

Been an amazing day today ! Love LA love the weather, love all of you life is good

Loving this weather !! Get your BBQ out !

Weather here is amazing ! Have to get the BBQ out later

It's called lazy when u check the weather on the app instead of going to the window which is 3 feet away !

Spoke way to soon! was expecting warm weather this morning . Woke up to the loudest clap of thunder ever

Hey dumbass, global warming doesn’t only mean extreme heat; it means extreme weather. Hot and cold. Maybe buy a thermometer and shove it up your ass.