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Great to see the Dancing Grannies first appearance since the Waukesha tragedy at the Franklin Christmas parade. God bless them.

Continue to pray for all those impacted by the tragic incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin … May God bless everyone impacted. Jackson Sparks was the youngest victim in the tragedy. I heard he loved baseball. So I put on my Driven Elite jersey to honor him. #Jerseys4Jackson .

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Never forget #Waukesha  parade aftermath: community comes together through fundraisers, signs and blue lights

The media had a meltdown over abortion rights, and want you to think the word "looting" is racist. But Chris Cuomo being suspended and the Waukesha terror attack barely made the headlines. @Schineman  has the worst of the worst from the liberal media in this week's Wacky MOLE!

Less than two weeks after a deadly parade attack, 65 Waukesha, Wisconsin, residents were evacuated from their homes in the Horizon West Condominium building.

Milwaukee County DA says "human error" was to blame for the suspect in the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade tragedy being released on low cash bail.

Waukesha parade aftermath: community comes together through fundraisers, signs and blue lights

Milwaukee County District Attorney (DA) John Chisholm blamed a novice assistant district attorney (ADA) and a computer error for 39-year-old Darrell E. Brooks Jr.’s release on $1,000 bail in the days leading up to the Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre.

A “human error” in the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office was one factor in a chain of events that allowed Darrell Brooks Jr. to allegedly be out on the streets with his red SUV the night of the Waukesha, Wis. Christmas parade.

“If you’re in Waukesha tonight, you’re going to have everyone in Burlington behind you, supporting you tonight.”


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Don't forget the victims of the terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We all know why the media refuses to cover this story.

The violence that occurred last night in Waukesha, Wisconsin is heartbreaking. To the families who lost a loved one and the entire Waukesha community, please know that we are praying for you—and stand with you.

Photos appear to show the red SUV involved in the Waukesha Holiday Parade incident. Follow updates here:

EXCLUSIVE: Waukesha massacre suspect was convicted for threatening to bomb the Nugget Casino in Nevada

In Joe Biden’s/Democrat America serial pedophiles like Joseph Rosenbaum and other serial offenders like the Waukesha attack terrorist get the benefit of the doubt & are free to roam the streets while Dems want to throw 17 y/o good samaritans like Kyle Rittenhouse away for life.

We don't know the motive of the mass murderer in Waukesha. But the overt lack of interest in motive from the media -- in fact, the anger that anyone would seek a motive -- is incredibly telling.

Column’s up: The media is burying the Waukesha story because it threatens the very core of the progressive revolution convulsing the country: criminal-justice “reform”.

NFL star JJ Watt to pay for funerals of Waukesha parade victims

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LATEST: Five people killed and over 40 injured when a car sped into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sunday, police say.

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Remarkable number of brand new Twitter accounts swarming Waukesha story, high volume of explicitly racist/antisemitic content.