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Two dozen Senate Republicans — including several freshmen —  say they won’t back a debt ceiling increase without major spending cuts. Mitch McConnell, did not sign onto this letter, though two members of McConnell’s leadership team — Barrasso and Ernst — did sign it

Schiff Declares for Senate, Immediately Gets Hit With Ethics Complaint

Klain, a longtime fixture in the Democratic Party with extensive ties to its more liberal wing, was an aide in Biden’s Senate office and also served as Biden’s chief of staff during his vice presidency.

Watchdog demands probe after Schiff used floor speech footage to launch Senate campaign

I was asked about the Arizona senate race in my mailbag column. My two key points: (1) He’s good (2) I think he needs to run against the GOP not against Sinema

Opinion: Adam Schiff, the guy who voted for the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, for Senate? Nah.


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Let’s be 100% clear. If Republicans win control of the House, Senate and White House two years from now, they will pass a national abortion ban. And no matter where you live, no matter how pro-choice your state is, women and doctors will be locked up for practicing health care.

Here’s the scary moment when protesters initially got into the building from the first floor and made their way outside Senate chamber.

Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes.

BREAKING: Senate Democrats just tried to get Senate Republicans to adjourn for a few days and take the time to actually read their tax bill. RT if you agree that reading bills before they’re voted on is the least we can do.

All of a sudden Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are worried that someone in America might get a $2,000 check "who doesn't need it." Funny. They had no problem giving a $1.4 billion tax break to Charles Koch and his family with a net worth of $113 billion. What hypocrisy!

Our Republican Senate just missed the opportunity to get rid of Section 230, which gives unlimited power to Big Tech companies. Pathetic!!! Now they want to give people ravaged by the China Virus $600, rather than the $2000 which they so desperately need. Not fair, or smart!

I will be speaking before a very important Pennsylvania State Senate hearing which is in process now. Talking about the massive voter fraud which took place in the 2020 Election!

I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately..

Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!