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Two children abducted from Missouri were found inside of a Florida grocery store on Wednesday, nearly one year after they disappeared.

He was angry because he had “waited in line too long” at a different Walmart store, police said.

ICYMI: The councilman admitted not paying for a pair for a $20 pair of headphones before leaving the store, but many in his district have said it was an honest mistake that they refuse to condemn him for.

He was angry because he had “waited in line too long” at a different Walmart store, police said.

MUV Fitness has plans to open a new gym inside a former Albertson’s store on 37th Avenue on Spokane’s South Hill.

Authorities in Missouri say a school nurse is facing charges for having a sexual relationship with a student.

Deputies searching for suspect in Scotland County grocery store robbery

#Pakistan : Helpline for women and children facing violence (legal aid, counseling, and referral to shelter homes) - 0300 525 1717


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Did you know Apple puts a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through their App Store?

Good conversation. Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.

Apple has also threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why

Truth Social is currently beating Twitter & TikTok on the Apple Store

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Across the country, parents are putting their children to bed, reading stories, singing lullabies—and in the back of their minds, they’re worried about what might happen tomorrow after they drop their kids off at school, or take them to a grocery store or any other public space.

The GOP COVID-19 bill includes $2 billion for F-35s $1.75 billion for an FBI building $1 billion for surveillance planes $375 million for armored vehicles $360 million for missile defense $283 million for Apache helicopters $0 for millions facing eviction It's Dead on Arrival

During this crisis, our grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, transit and utility workers—along with so many others—have been selflessly getting up every day to make sure we have the things we need. And for that, we say thank you.

Here’s a useful overview of the likely scenarios that the world will be facing in the coming months while managing this pandemic. So much depends on our ability to make good decisions going forward along with our ability to remain resilient.

I fucking hate grocery store check out screens asking me if I want to donate $20 to end child hunger or whatever. You’re a $10 billion corporation. I’m using a coupon to get 50 cents off a bag of potatos. Why don’t YOU donate $20 to end child hunger

yep. new album coming november 13th. pre-order on my store to unlock the album art

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