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#WallStreet opens higher as tech gains overshadow mixed banks results #MarketsWithBS 

Wall Street’s Key Stock Analysts Research Report, All Buys: #buys  #bullish  #WallStreet …

#WallStreet jumps 1% at open, shaking off #DonaldTrump 's stimulus shock #MarketsWithBS 

#WallStreet gains on stimulus hopes, hints of Trump hospital discharge


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Hillary Clinton in paid speech to #WallStreet  "I'm kind of far removed from the struggles of the middle class"

If Wolf of Wallstreet teaches us anything it's that making tons of money & sucking down drugs IS A FRIGGIN BLAAAAST!!!!!!

Our #MondayMotivation  to keep up the fight is exposing #TrumpsBrokenPromises . Let's recap the ones on #WallStreet :

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Rein in #WallStreet  Protect retirement savings & #Medicare  ↓ mortgage payments ↑ overtime pay Push back on China... He's done none of it.

If you've ever seen "Wolf of Wallstreet" go watch my last vine

just watched wolf of wallstreet, cocaine looks so fun

"Food Stamp recipients didn’t cause the financial crisis; recklessness on #WallStreet  did.” #SOTU 

Trump is against gay marriage, wants to militarize the borders, wants to execute Snowden, and wants no regulations on Wall-Street.

Wolf of Wallstreet was brilliant. Martin Scorsese outdid himself. @LeoDiCaprio  was incredible. Golden Globe well deserved.