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Starting Day 2 of the walk in Cornwall. A 450 foot hill awaits me to start the day! #WalkCT 

Late lunch in Waterbury at (one of) the best hot dog joints in Connecticut. #WalkCT 

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Hoping it’s a little less buggy in Watertown than it was walking through Morris this morning. #WalkCT 

There are some parts of this walk that are…well, just walking. #WalkCT 

Just passed this crazy building on Route 3 in Middletown. Anybody know what this used to be? #WalkCT 

Connecticut has really friendly graffiti artists. #WalkCT 

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Day 1 wrap up of my Walk Across Connecticut. #WalkCT 

Day 2 of my annual walk across Connecticut starts now. #WalkCT 

What an (n)ice surprise. Terra and Joe met me at the top of my first big hill with ice water! #WalkCT 

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Tomorrow, I'm lacing up my sneakers for my third annual Walk Across Connecticut. I hope you'll follow along. #WalkCT 


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105 miles and 200,000+ steps later and my second #WalkCT  is officially done. Here's my final recap:

Day 4 of #WalkCT  felt like one extended town hall with very sore feet. Here's the full recap:

Day 3 of #WalkCT  involved one giant hill, two aching legs & ended with an incredible town hall. Here's the recap:

50,679 steps later and day one of #WalkCT  is officially over. You can read the full recap here:

Want to join me for a #WalkCT  town hall? Here's where I'll be this week

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