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Not much is known about the private and creative life of Tyre Nichols, but his family, friends and colleagues have described him as a joyful, creative, and spiritual young man who loved photography and skating.

w/ @KaitlinObscura : As dozens rally and local officials weigh in on killing of Tyre Nichols, Baltimore family seeks to keep pressure on local case

Their family want their lives to be celebrated

Is it not enough for a man to his wife’s hero? His children’s hero? To be looked up to and be THE MAN by his family? And I’d he’s not… is he really being all he can be? Or is he being seen for all he is?

Not sure how you can look at this Daily Telegraph front page and think, “this is a serious newspaper”. And that’s quite apart from the clear efforts to clear the name of a royal who settled with someone who alleged he sexually assaulted her. Whole thing is gross.

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Tyre's murder was a heinous and reckless act of violence that needs to be accounted for. We MUST do better to prevent (and protect) Black men from dying at the hands of law enforcement. Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of Tyre Nichols.

Please help me settle a family dispute. Is leaving your snow shovel on the porch during winter:

S4rzbnuFX8 This is sad I hope he landed safely. RT Remix *GizaDog Pilot loses engine on single engine prop. Gives final message to family and friends - Tragic!!

A family's secret can affect every aspect of your life; shame sets in, and you become someone that you're not. Let go of the secret, break the cycle, and the Boogieman can no longer haunt you. drama #dysfunctionalfamily  #trauma 

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Nichols' mother writes that the money will go to help cover the family's mental-health services, among other things.


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Please don’t share the video of the Damar Hamlin play. Share this because we are all Praying for him and his family.

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Brazilian legend Pelé has passed away at 82, one of the greatest of all time who changed the game. A man with a god-given talent, one of the names who will remain forever in the memory. All thoughts with the family. RIP, legend 🕊️

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29th December 2022.  Vivienne Westwood died today, peacefully and surrounded by her family, in Clapham, South London. The world needs people like Vivienne to make a change for the better.

To my tennis family and beyond, With Love, Roger

Now that’s a wrap! It was a lovely night being with our SMTOWN family and you all 💖 Hope you had an unforgettable time at #SMTOWNLIVE2022_SUWON  🎉 💌 From. #SMTOWN  family #SMCU_EXPRESS  #SMTOWNLIVELIVE 

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Forced birth in a country with: —No universal healthcare —No universal childcare —No paid family & medical leave —One of the highest rates of maternal mortality among rich nations This isn't about "life." It's about control.

@BLACKPINK  is Rolling Stone's June cover star. #BLACKPINKxRollingStone  The world's biggest girl group give their most revealing interview yet about how they make music, deal with the demands of stardom, became family, and more. Story/Photos:

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@Louis_Tomlinson love you bro! All of your family is in my prayers. proud of your strength and know your mum is too x

Kobe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act. To lose Gianna is even more heartbreaking to us as parents. Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Bryant family on an unthinkable day.

There’s no words to express the pain Im going through with this tragedy of loosing my neice Gigi & my brother @kobebryant  I love u and u will be missed. My condolences goes out to the Bryant family and the families of the other passengers on board. IM SICK RIGHT NOW