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Heavily valuing DEI while selecting cell biologists, virologists and immunologists constitutes a massive failure of priority, writes @JohnDSailer 

Strategic relationships can be key to successful DEI initiatives Sponsored by @NABAInc 

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"Perrottet ... fundamentally misunderstood the silencing power of shame, particularly when it comes to children." Premier, I went to an Opus Dei school and experienced shame’s silencing power.

Vox Media Is Raising $100 Million From Penske Media - The New York Times

Penske Media Makes Strategic Investment in Vox Media

Yes, DEI Can Erode Academic Freedom. Let's Not Pretend Otherwise. (Chronicle of Higher Education)

Penske Media Acquires Stake in Vox Media, Becomes Its Largest Shareholder@xpangler  - @Variety )

"As part of the investment, Penske Media will become Vox Media’s largest shareholder." !

Penske Media announces a strategic investment in Vox Media; sources: Penske acquired a ~20% stake for $100M, making it the largest shareholder of Vox Media (New York Times)


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How many experienced cops left Memphis PD recently because of the constant attacks & defunding? How many were replaced by new cops who could not have made the cut it it were not for that vacuum? How many of those hires were woke DEI candidates rather than the most qualified?

The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

#OnThisDay 1977: Thanks for the Memory - The Viewer's View asked people what they thought about television. This woman was likely approached for a snappy vox pop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.

The Biden Admin was apparently worried that their DEI score would go down if they freed an American Marine.

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The people have spoken. Amnesty begins next week. Vox Populi, Vox Dei.

Every one of these outlets - The Atlantic, The New Yorker, HuffPost, Vice, Vox, CNN, Daily Beast, NBC, NYT tech reporters, Brooklyn-based liberal digital outlets - write the same shit every day, with the same trite ideas, no dissent, just worthless platitudinous liberal shit.

so Elon spent six months in court saying Twitter was riddled with bots, was forced to buy the company, said he was going to create a moderation council for all content decisions, and has thrown all that out of the window for a "vox populi" poll that could be easily gamed

When you are literally named Iván Espinosa de Los Monteros, can you really going around saying Kamala Harris has an “exotic” name? Key figure in Spain’s far-right VOX party who allegedly focuses on foreign affairs.

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1st day of la vox, almost had to get a new singer. #afterlaughter