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VOX POPULI: The humble pea shows us how to be strong and resilient #Japan  #haiku  : The Asahi Shimbun

10/10 This feature is part of Vox’s new package dedicated to exploring the intricacies of Asian identity in America. Check back here for more stories centered on amplifying Asian experiences: #AAPIHM  #AAPIHeritageMonth 

9/ "Are Asian Americans one or many? The answer is both, " says @karthickr  . Asian American isn't a one-size-fits-all identifier. As Vox reporter @liszhou  lays out, the Asian American label has had a complicated past and present. Read her full story here.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso is likely to need the support of the far-right Vox to govern, writes @jeremycliffe .

Why getting vaccinated for Covid-19 is more popular in the UK than in the US - Vox

The conservative Popular Party took 65 out of 136 seats in Madrid's regional election Tuesday. But four seats short of the 69 needed for a majority, it will likely require the support of the far-right Vox party to govern.

VOX POPULI: From Inazagi to Bowie, the names of findings show science’s fun side #dinosaurs  #myth  #mythologyo #Awajishima #Japanogy 

VOX POPULI: Even in crises, society must never let children live in poverty #children  #poverty  #coronavirus  #COVID19  #Japan 

An exit poll for TVE and Telemadrid suggests that the Popular Party will win today's regional election in Madrid, but will need the support of far-right Vox to form a government

You know a three-letter word that follows after "party" or "hard"? Challenge yourself with the latest Vox crossword:

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Fans of Rayo Vallecano cleaned their stadium after two leaders of the far right-wing political party VOX watched their match against Albacete. 🧽

#OnThisDay 1977: Thanks for the Memory - The Viewer's View asked people what they thought about television. This woman was likely approached for a snappy vox pop, but ended up delivering something closer to a dramatic monologue. Fantastic stuff.

When you are literally named Iván Espinosa de Los Monteros, can you really going around saying Kamala Harris has an “exotic” name? Key figure in Spain’s far-right VOX party who allegedly focuses on foreign affairs.

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“Over half the country lives in 9 states, meaning that less than half of the population controls 82% of the Senate.” (Vox)

@PressSec  Kayleigh McEnany rips media outlets such as Vox, NPR, Washington Post, and the New York Times for pretending they never downplayed the threat of coronavirus

1st day of la vox, almost had to get a new singer. #afterlaughter 

Love you Oman & thanks for taking out time to see me. Insha Allah will come back soon and give u all individual hugs! Thx Vox Cinemas...& all the boys & girls in Muscat.

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Amazon Orders Two Seasons of @CriticalRole 's Animated D&D Series 'The Legend of Vox Machina'

Carlos Maza used to work for media matters, an activist organization. He nows works for VOX doing the same thing he did at MMFA. Journalism is dead and these sociopaths killed it.

News outlets that reported this fact (partial list): —Wash. Post. —NY Times. —NPR. —CNN. —Fox News. —ABC. —NBC. —CBS. —MSNBC. —PBS. —AP. —Reuters. —New Yorker. —BuzzFeed. —Daily Beast. —BBC. —Slate. —Vox. —Atlantic.