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Russia shelled residential area in Kharkiv's Vovchansk with MLRS on the evening of Nov 21 injuring 57yo woman and 60yo man - Kharkiv Oblast Head Vovchansk is a town on Ukraine's northern border with Russia. 📷

“You run out for bread in the morning as early as possible,” a resident of the recently liberated Ukrainian town of Vovchansk said. “But even then you don’t know if you’ll make it home or not.”

Russian FSB detention camp in Ukraine’s Vovchansk doubled up as a money-making venture. Wealthy Ukrainians could buy their freedom for $20,000. Penniless Sri Lankan students were kept in slavery, tortured and forced to clean toilets. 📸 @ManuBrabo ⁩

A Russian torture chamber in liberated Vovchansk, Kharkiv OblastPrayers and icons scratched out on the walls... Wherever they go, Russian forces leave behind death, misery, destruction and sheer horror. Photo: MP Pavlo Sushko

Evidence of Russian atrocities, cont. : In Russia’s FSB intelligence service facility in Vovchansk, prisoners could buy their freedom—while penniless Sri Lankan students were kept in bondage

#MintPremium | In a sign of the commingling of violence and corruption in Russia’s state security system, the camp in Vovchansk also served as a moneymaking enterprise, used to extort cash for its keepers, former inmates and Ukrainian investigators say.

Seven medical students from Sri Lanka were detained by Russians when they tried to walk from occupation to Kharkiv in May They were held in Vovchansk until the city was liberated by Ukrainian soldiers in September. Russians demanded money, beat students.

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7 Sri Lankan citizens freed from Russian captivity in liberated Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast - National Police Chief Those are the students of Kupiansk Medical College whom Russians captured in March, placed them in a cell in Vovchansk, and tortured them:

10 Russian torture chambers found in liberated Kharkiv oblast, 6 of them in Izium - Police 2 torture chambers were found in Balaklia, 1 in the village of Hrakove, and 1 in the city of Vovchansk.

Ukrainian troops on Tuesday took control of Vovchansk, a town just two miles from the Russian border and one controlled by Russian troops since the early days of the nearly seven-month war.


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Russian military says it decided to pull out of Kupyansk and Izyum to better focus on Donbas. Izyum was the main Russian HQ for ops in northern Donbas, but who cares about little details. Meanwhile, the occupation administration of Vovchansk says Russian forces are leaving it too

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Russian occupation authorities of Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast, announce Russian retreat from the town Earlier today they claimed that Ukrainian troops moved towards Vovchansk through Khotomlia then captured Zarichne and Hontarivka and approached Vovchansk.

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In Vovchansk, Kharkiv Obl, RU set up a concentration camp and is torturing civilians- Prosecutor General's Office The Russians stole, deported equipment from one of the factories & set up a concentration camp in its premises. Occupiers force ppl to collaborate, join RU army

Vovchansk Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary, Kharkiv region, is being filled with wounded Russians, tuberculosis patients were sent away from the hospital, medical staff are forced to work for the occupiers. - UA Intelligence

Russian troops seized Ukrainian humanitarian convoy to Vovchansk, Kharkiv Oblast. Сonnection is now lost with 6 people–5 drivers and a doctor "We will free them, and try everything to deliver to our people the most necessary things,"–Zelenskyy, 00:30