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Charges recommended for QAnon-promoting Michigan official for voting system breaches: report

Yes, my friends, it is that time of year: the leaves begin to change colors, the temperature cools and the time-honored tradition of rooting for your favorite chonky bears at @KatmaiNPS  begins. Voting starts tomorrow for Fat Bear Week: Photo by L. Law

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The Supreme Court began a new term yesterday. This term, the Court could threaten voting rights, affirmative action, the environment, student debt relief and more. From Miles Mogulescu:

Republican clerk could be charged in Michiganvoting-system breach

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Whether or not you followed today’s Supreme Court arguments in a case that threatens the Voting Rights Act, I can’t recommend highly enough that you take a look through the tweet threads posted by folks such as @SIfill_  , @imillhiser  , @mjs_DC  , and @chrisgeidner  . Expert work.

The Supreme Court's conservative majority appeared open Tuesday to making it harder to create majority Black electoral districts. The justices heard two hours of arguments in the latest showdown over the federal Voting Rights Act.

Your guide to voting in Texas on Election Day 2022, from the Texas governor's race between Greg Abbott and Beto O'Rourke to dozens of Houston-area races.

"It’s unlikely that the court’s conservative majority will kill Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act but it might wound it too badly for it to be of much use," columnist @WarOnDumb  writes.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are no threats to U.S. voting systems for the midterm elections coming up next month.

The Supreme Court's three liberal justices on Tuesday slapped down Alabama's argument in a Voting Rights Act case that it had drawn its congressional map with a race-neutral lens.


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We are voting to protect kids from the next school shooting. Every GOP member is opposed. So I asked my GOP colleagues, "Who are you here for? Our kids or the killers."

Tremendous problems being found with voting machines. They are so far off it is ridiculous. Able to take a landslide victory and reduce it to a tight loss. This is not what the USA is all about. Law enforcement shielding machines. DO NOT TAMPER, a crime. Much more to come!

People in Georgia got caught cold bringing in massive numbers of ballots and putting them in “voting” machines. Great job @BrianKempGA !

Now it is learned that the horrendous Dominion Voting System was used in Arizona (and big in Nevada). No wonder the result was a very close loss!

In certain swing states, there were more votes than people who voted, and in big numbers. Does that not really matter? Stopping Poll Watchers, voting for unsuspecting people, fake ballots and so much more. Such egregious conduct. We will win!

Voting by mail is safe and secure. Especially during a pandemic. But Trump continues to say – without evidence – it will lead to voter fraud and that it’s not “honest voting.” That’s. Simply. Not. True. RT if you support everyone being able to vote safely by mail in November.

So much news today, but don't overlook the voting debacle happening right now in Georgia. This is a dire wakeup call for November - long lines, broken machines. It is a national outrage that undermines the legitimacy of our democracy.

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Thank you all so much for voting for us and allowing us to have great nights like that . We had a lot of fun

RT to let all of #BTSArmy  know! Today is YOUR @tacobell  #BestFanArmy  voting spree day! #iHeartAwards 

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