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The West is letting Vladimir Putin carry out hostile acts with impunity, feeding the myth surrounding him in Russia. Analysis by @lukemcgee  |

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Christopher Steele: Confessions of a former British spy on Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump

vladimir putin'>Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country’s workers to stay off work for a week amid rising COVID-19 infections and deaths ⤵️ Read more:

The MI6-officer-turned-private-spy talks about meeting then Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev while serving as an intelligence officer in Moscow and - possibly - having a cup of tea poured for him by a young Vladimir Putin

What happened in Vegas... might surprise you! American@govincentzhou  leads the men's event as teammate Nathan Chen struggles in the short. Pairs: Evgenia Tarasova/Vladimir Morozov into first. See how it happened 👀 @ISU_Figure  @USFigureSkating 

vladimir putin'>Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a tirade against Western values in his speech at the annual Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi late into Thursday evening

#Israel Prime Minister@naftalibennett  and #Russian  president Vladimir Putin agreed on the continuation of current policy regarding Israeli airstrikes in #Syria  in their #Sochi  meeting on Friday.

Prime Minister@naftalibennett  and Russian president Vladimir Putin agreed on the continuation of current policy regarding Israeli airstrikes in Syria. By @LahavHarkov  | #Russia  | #Israel  | #Syrian 

vladimir putin'>Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to the worsening situation by ordering Russians to stay away from work.


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Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks President Biden what he spoke to vladimir putin'>Russian President Vladimir Putin about. “You,” Biden says, smiling. "He sent his best."

If Vladimir Putin has accepted the election results but you haven’t, you might have a problem.

Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the billionaire widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow a known associate of Vladimir Putin. Where are our fearless “journalists” now that there’s a real Russia connection?

I look forward to the sanctimonious Sunday shows totally ignoring the Senate report financially tying Hunter Biden to known associates of Vladimir Putin with millions of $ also linked to human trafficking & prostitution. Oh, that the rampant corruption and crimes in Comey’s FBI!

It shouldn't be this hard.   Donald Trump has gone 73 days without saying anything publicly about #BountyGate .   Those are our men and women on the frontlines. Defending our nation. And Trump would let them die to keep face with Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump prefers to take the word of Vladimir Putin over that of the American intelligence community.

I am still laughing at Julia Louis-Dreyfus saying 10 minutes ago, “If we all vote there is nothing Facebook, Fox News or Vladimir Putin can do to stop us.” My goodness.

John Bolton, one of the dumbest people I’ve met in government and sadly, I’ve met plenty, states often that I respected, and even trusted, Vladimir Putin of Russia more than those in our Intelligence Agencies. While of course that is not true, if the first people you met from....

It took Trump less than 24 hours to condemn protestors as "thugs," but it has been over a week and he still hasn't condemned Vladimir Putin for putting a bounty on American troops. Funny how that works.

American voters should decide American elections — not Vladimir Putin. All Members of Congress should condemn the President’s reported efforts to dismiss threats to the integrity of our democracy & to politicize our intel community.