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Did you know that Vitalik Buterin's Bulge has a Know Your Meme page?

Charles #Hoskinson  Says How Fake Vitalik Accounts Do Not Violate #Twitter  Policy

While layer-2 protocols have been focused on “scalability,” layer-3 protocols would serve a much different purpose, says Ethereum co-founder Vitalik ButerinHmmm#layer3  #eth  #Ethereum 

This is totally legit right, @VitalikButerin ? 🤣 Roundup into #ETH ! 💙

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Solving the scalability problem: Vitalik Buterin lays out Ethereums post-Merge roadmap #Fortune 

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Vitalik Buterin Proposes Ways to Mitigate ETH Censorship $ETH

Just-In: Vitalik Buterin's Proposal To Mitigate Ethereum (ETH) Censorship $ETH

📖Here are the new Discover articles we shared this week! 🤖️Who is Vitalik Buterin? – Creator of @ethereum  🔗Choose your Chain: A summary of the Cross-chain Hellscape#AscendexDiscover  #blockchain 

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JUST IN: #Ethereum  founder Vitalik Buterin says crypto payments will "make sense" as transaction fees fall under a cent.

JUST IN: #Ethereum  founder Vitalik Buterin was seen wearing Shiba Inu pajama pants at the #ETH  conference in Denver.

FUN FACT: In 2021, #Ethereum  founder Vitalik Buterin donated $1 billion worth of Shiba Inu to help India fight COVID-19.

JUST IN: #Ethereum  co-founder Vitalik Buterin confirmed the transition to proof-of-stake will likely happen this August.

In Whom do you Trust? #Lunatics : Do Kwon! Ethereum holders: Vitalik Buterin! US dollar proponents: The Federal Reserve! Bitcoiners: No one!

@VitalikButerin  co-founded Ethereum. Now he's fighting for crypto's future

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JUST IN: #Ethereum  founder Vitalik Buterin says in the future, crypto will be only about as volatile as gold or the stock market.

JUST IN: #Ethereum  founder Vitalik Buterin says the merge to proof-of-stake is still expected to happen around September 13-15.

Vitalik Buterin claims #Ethereum  will be able to potentially process 100,000 transactions per second at the end of its roadmap.

Vitalik Buterin sells $SHIB and $AKITA tokens and donates $1 billion to the India Covid Crypto Fund. The sickest legend of them all. Absolutely gorgeous.

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