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The job: rat czar The mission: fight New York City's rats The salary: up to $170,000 (to fight the rats)

🔴 Matt Hancock has accused Dominic Cummings of being the “chatty rat” who leaked news of the second lockdown before it was announced.

Trump Pardons Charles Kushner, Paul Manafort & Roger Stone. "I didn't rat I didn't snitch I kept my mouth shut I didn't say shit," Roger Stone applied the pressure and Trump had the power to pardon convicts. This was not a movie.

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"We won’t be pressured into backing down", the DUP leader said after a poll indicated a majority of NI people would vote to remain in the UK

Secrets of a bin woman: 'I've to deal with a dead rat and sex toys. You can't be squeamish' 🐀 Sarah Brobin, 49, tells Nick Duerden about a job she loves for its companionship and its health benefits ⬇️

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Hancock reveals he was 'elated' when 'chatty rat' Dominic Cummings was fired

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Hancock reveals he was 'elated' when 'chatty rat' Dominic Cummings was fired Full story: via @mailplus 

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There are rats in New York City's kitchen and what it's gonna do is hire a 'badass' rat tsar: Millions of New York rats have been put on notice: the most populous city in the US is hiring a director of rodent mitigation, a new position that calls for a…


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Move over, pizza rat. ? A Philadelphia woman found a groundhog outside of her home munching on a piece of pizza for over an hour, completely unfazed by her two dogs.

I'm the only person ever with a rat tail and a NBA championship! Let that sink in!?

Let's not forget that Rudy Giuliani--old Mr. Truth Isn't Truth--worked for Purdue Pharma in 2002. Thanks in part to his efforts, sales of OxyContin continued, and the opioid epidemic was born. Just another rat thriving in the swamp Trump promised to drain.

He sniffed out 39 land mines and 28 explosives in Cambodia. He received a medal for "lifesaving bravery and devotion to duty." He is a rat. ??

i'm sat in a café looking out the window and saw a massive rat nibbling a plastic bag then i made eye contact with my reflection a big mood

I’m hard pressed not to think that this is political. Blue states like California got a pathetic number of loans issued. Nebraska got nearly 75% of loans requested. I smell a rat with orange hair.

See the #CHANELFallWinter  2019/20 Ready-to-Wear show by Karl Lagerfeld and Virginie Viard presented at the Grand Palais in Paris #CHANELintheSnow  #PFW  Watch it in full on

If I were the architect for Trump's Wall I’d build a secret exhaust port the size of a womp rat so the rebels could save the Republic.

This Tory-DUP deal has not been done in the national interest but in the interest of & ' own political survival.

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