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“One guy had three of his fingers cut off. Things like that,” recalled Don Luce, who brought attention to a secret "tiger cage" prison run by South Vietnam, stirring outrage that helped turn U.S. public opinion against the war.

In one previously unreported incident in September, a self-driving taxi from Cruise blocked a streetcar and refused to budge.

China's cotton consumption in the 2022/23 crop year that began in September is seen at 7.5 million tonnes, 200,000 tonnes lower than in last month's forecast--Chinese Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (CASDE)

Investing in Indian real estate: Now, property values are increasing at close to the current inflation rates in India - at 6.7 per cent in October against September’s 7.4 per cent

Since the world premiere of 'The Whale' at the Venice film festival in September, actor Brendan Fraser has been predicted to win best actor at the upcoming #Oscars 

China will work to strengthen its exports by moving manufacturing to cheaper neighbors. Vietnam could be a beneficiary of U. S. “friendshoring” & ironically, it could also benefit from Chinese “friendshoring”the Swiss strategy of being friends with everybody. ~ Monty Guild [$VNM]

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Ocasio-Cortez attended the Met Gala in September 2021, famously wearing an all-white dress with "TAX THE RICH" scrawled across the back in bright red.

Don Luce evolved from a bystander in the Vietnam War to an influential activist who showed members of a congressional team the horrific conditions inside a prison run by U.S.-ally South Vietnam.

Christopher Golden pleaded guilty to murder and aggravated assault in the September killing of deputies Jonathan Koleski and Marshall Ervin, Jr.


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Where were you on 24 September 2018? Welcome back to #UNGA , @BTS_twt  💜

? ? It’s time to reimagine a better, fairer world. ? ? Join @BTS_twt  and UNICEF on 23 September for a very special message at the #UNGA . #BTSLoveMyself 

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"I want to hear your voice... No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, gender identity: speak yourself.” Ahead of ’s appearance on , get a #SNLdose  of inspiration from their speech at UNGA last September. Together, we can . xBTS #ENDviolence  #SNLxBTS 

California! You’ve got a big choice to make by September 14, and everything is on the line. Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids or putting them at risk; helping Californians recover or taking us backwards. Vote “no” on the Republican recall.

This is the tweet... Xbox Series X: $499 (ERP) Xbox Series S: $299 (ERP) Release date: November 10 Pre-order starts September 22: | #PowerYourDreams 

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I feel more and more confident that our economy is in the early stages of coming back very strong. Not everyone agrees with me, but I have little doubt. Watch for September, October, November. Next year will be one of the best ever, and look at the Stock Market NOW!

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.

Today is September 21st. Y’ALL KNOW WHAT’S GOIN ON.

Well excited to be back in London headlining the #applemusicfestival  on September 22nd!