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Many of the claims hitting the backlog are from veterans suffering from bladder cancer, hyperthyroidism and Parkinson’s-like symptoms stemming from their exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

“Our core focus is always going to be on Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore as they form a synergistic region. But we’re going to expand our investment mandate & invest more into countries like Vietnam, & the Philippines..." @vishalharnal  @500Startups_SEA 

#ColinPowell ’s experience during two tours of duty as a young military officer in Vietnam profoundly influenced his thinking as a policymaker, write @RichardHaass  o @CFR_org  .

07 December 1945 View of terrain between Chinese captured Malung Tai & Japanese held Quan Ba. Quan Ba can be seen some distance away, about two miles. Photo is made from the operation post at Kian Shan. Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson #Vietnam  Archive. .

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The city of Tulsa hosted a naturalization ceremony Thursday, welcoming 20 people from 10 countries as new U.S. citizens. The new citizens come from Burma, Canada, Egypt, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia and Vietnam.

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Putin comments on the Vietnam war

South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region handled 235 vietnam'>China-Vietnam freight train trips in the first nine months of this year, up 117 percent year on year. The number has surpassed that of the whole year of 2020

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For our 100th anniversary, we're looking back at the biggest foreign policy events of the last century. Today in history: 100,000 demonstrators gather at the Lincoln Memorial to protest the Vietnam War. #CFR100 

Purple Heart stolen from Vietnam vet returned nearly 40 years later: ‘I couldn’t believe it’


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K-pop star #KAI  is the inspiration behind the new #KAIxGuccixGucci  collection desig #AlessandroMicheleed  by . Debuting in Korea, the collection will soon be availa #GucciPinsle  in temporary stores in Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Vietnam, Singapore and Tha #KAIland .

Eartha Kitt had to flee the hemisphere for ten years because she criticized the Vietnam War at a White House luncheon. She was blacklisted from Hollywood with the help of the CIA, which wrote a dossier calling her “a sadistic nymphomaniac.” That’s cancel culture.

Americans killed in World War I: Over 116,000 Americans killed in Vietnam War: Over 58,000 Americans killed in Korean War: Over 36,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus: Over 242,000 The COVID-19 pandemic is a humanitarian disaster. Please wear a mask.

COVID-19 deaths: United States: 225,000 Population: 328.2 million COVID-19 deaths: Canada: 9,963 Japan: 1,716 Australia: 905 South Korea: 457 Vietnam: 35 New Zealand: 25 Taiwan: 7 Total deaths: 13,108 Total population: 364.6 million Donald Trump: "It is what it is." Pathetic.

So Crazy to watch Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut lecture all on morals & ethics when for 25 years he said he was a Great War Hero in Vietnam, and he was never even there. He lied & cheated right up until the day he got caught. Thank you to those in military who turned him in!

Hanoi Dick, who lied for years by saying he was a war hero in Vietnam, and was never even there (Impeach him!), should not be entitled to a vote on anything of importance!

I was right about Vietnam. I was right about Iraq. I will do everything in my power to prevent a war with Iran. I apologize to no one.

This morning, 450,000 protective suits landed in Dallas, Texas. This was made possible because of the partnership of two great American companies—DuPont and FedEx—and our friends in Vietnam. Thank you! @DuPont_News  @FedEx 

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vietnam war veterans'>Happy National Vietnam War Veterans Day to all of our Vietnam era Veterans. You have earned our gratitude and thanks by your actions years ago and what you have done since returning home. The Nation thanks you and your families for your service and sacrifice. We love you!

? CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS ?? China 26 CONFIRMED CASES ?? China 845 ?? US 2 ?? France 2 ??Nepal 1 ?? Japan 2 ?? Singapore 3 ?? South Korea 2 ?? Taiwan 1 ?? Thailand 4 ?? Vietnam 2 (Source: VOA/ AFP)