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Police in Southlake are looking for two men who they say followed their victims home and held them at gunpoint before stealing guns and other valuables.

I hate to criticize, & we all make mistakes, but why is @RepMaxineWaters  @BillAckman  and @kevinolearytv  seemingly ok with a man who has ruined lots of lives? They are old enough to remember the suicides from Bernie Madoff’s crimes. Let’s think always think of the “real” victims.

'ALWAYS TOGETHER': At a vigil to honor the University of Idaho students who were stabbed to death, the father of one of the victims said that his daughter and her best friend died in together in the same bed. #8NN 

The transport blunder meant that the 32-year-old former welder’s victims, who woke up expecting some kind of justice to be done that day, have to wait until December 7.

San Bernardino terror attack victims remembered on 7th anniversary of mass shooting

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Victims say they were assaulted while receiving cosmetic medical treatments.

Infowars host Alex Jones filed for bankruptcy on Friday after a series of defamation trials resulted in him owing nearly $1.5 billion to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting

The bankruptcy filing comes as Jones faces court orders to pay nearly $1.5 billion in damages to relatives of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting for calling the massacre a hoax.

San Bernardino terror attack victims remembered on 7th anniversary of mass shooting

San Bernardino terror attack victims remembered on 7th anniversary of mass shooting


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IDHeartbreaking. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. 🙏 #Indonesia  ❤️

We. Don’t. Have. To. Live. Like. This. RIP #HighlandPark  victims. 📸: @briancassella 

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WATCH: Emma Gonzalez names the murdered Parklandvictims and observes several minutes of silence in a 6-minute, 20-second speech that covered the same time it took the gunman to kill 17 people in her high school: "Fight for your lives before it's someone else's job."

If they scrolled the names of the Americans who died in this pandemic the same way U2 did for victims of 9/11 during the Super Bowl in 2002, they would have to stop the game & run names on the screen for twelve and a half hours.

As the 1st President to formally recognize the issue of Missing & Murdered Native Americans, today, I was proud to sign Savanna’s Act & the Not Invisible Act. We have also provided $295 Million to support public safety & crime victims. Forgotten NO MORE! #OperationLadyJustice 

Michelle and I are thinking of the victims and their families in Barcelona. Americans will always stand with our Spanish friends. Un abrazo.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families in London. No act of terror can shake the strength and resilience of our British ally.

The anti-Semitic attack in Monsey, New York, on the 7th night of Hanukkah last night is horrific. We must all come together to fight, confront, and eradicate the evil scourge of anti-Semitism. Melania and I wish the victims a quick and full recovery.

Saying a prayer for all the victims & their loved ones, also for the residents & visitors of Las Vegas! This was a horrific act of terror!!

Good to see my friend Prince Harry in London to discuss the work of our foundations & offer condolences to victims of the Manchester attack.