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Check out my latest article: Verizon’s AOL/Yahoo Debacle – Think You Can Fix That? via @LinkedIn 

Media news: BuzzFeed is reportedly in talks to acquire Complex Networks, which is co-owned by Verizon and Hearst equally.

Verizon is hiring for 1,000 new retail positions across the U.S. There are dozens of positions available throughout Michigan.

#DigitalLearning coordinator @TiggMr  @IrvingISD  leveraged Verizon Innovative Learning leaders to share #edtech  knowledge and mentor colleagues across the district during #remotelearning . #sponsorcontent 

Since being incorporated into Verizon, YSB has been organized within the Verizon Business division, managed separately from Verizon Media and will remain within Verizon Business going forward. Learn more #yahoo  #smallbusiness  #verizon  #YSB 

#Instructionalcoaches working in Verizon Innovative Learning Schools were able to help other district teachers during the pandemic to engage students in #remotelearning  environments via @dpvils . #sponsorcontent 

Verizon announced as the official 5G of your Climate Pledge Arena. Also will have the Verizon Lounge at the CPA (aka, The Greenhouse) which looks more like a speakeasy where secret NHL trades are made.

92% of teachers said that #remotelearning  was easier to implement based on their #edtech  training as a teacher for Verizon Innovative Learning schools. #sponsorcontent 


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Thank you @verizon  & everyone who came to the event last weekend in NYC x #VerizonUp  #ThisIsShawn 

Put together this amazing experience in NYC with Verizon this Fri & Sat, which has an installation to go behind the making of my album, a limited Merch shop, & more. Follow @verizon  for details & exclusive access for #VerizonUp  members. See you there x

Thank you @verizon  for capturing this amazing 360º video from tour! x

Playing a secret show in New York tonight with #VerizonUp . You can also watch the livestream at 8pm EST on Yahoo! with exclusive access from Verizon Up x

Update: Pornhub is interested in buying Tumblr from Verizon and "restoring it to its former glory with NSFW content”

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The internet as we know it was developed by taxpayer-funded research, using taxpayer-funded grants in taxpayer-funded labs. Our tax dollars built the internet. It should be a public good for all, not another price-gouging profit machine for Comcast, AT&T and Verizon.

In football Son Heung-min is a star ? In South Korea he is an obsession ?? (➡ @verizon )

My aunt sent a gif of Steve Harvey clapping to the whole fam and my grandma went to the Verizon store to make it stop

If you really think that Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner need more money, then you should be for repealing #NetNeutrality . -

Boeing pays no taxes. Verizon gets a refund. Pfizer stashes their money abroad. It is high time we ask these groups to pay their fair share.