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After over 100k invested in testing and 10,000 hours trading Here are actual trading strategies I use that work and have earned me thousands in profits Each strategy comes with a detailed video below 🙏 ❤️if this adds value I'll also throw in my indicators no charge!

You can’t believe in energy over technology without believing in value over growth. You can’t believe in value over growth without believing emerging markets over US. These are all variations of the same trade. The death of QE is the rebirth of emerging markets.

Here are the latest #snowfall  totals from across the area. Don't see a value for your location? Please send us one. We would love to hear how much snow you have received. #MTwx  #WYwx 

Given the events of the last few days, Holocaust remembrance day and antisemitism having increased globally, this opinion piece holds significant value. #Antisemitism  | #Holocaust  | #HolocaustRemembranceDayRemembranceDay 

A teenager who was shot in the neck Friday night on St. Paul's East Side was conscious and breathing when he was transported to the hospital, police said.

Actions by Exela Senior Management and Board Indicate a Disregard for Shareholder Value, Possible Corporate Governance Failures, and Possible Breaches o.. $CFFE $XELA $XELAP

The highest value airline rewards program is a bit of a surprise

Feels like Denver is just going to cost to the No. 1 seed. Offense is absurd, but their defense has been turning the corner lately. Memphis is really going to miss Steven Adams. Could affect JJJ’s case for DPOY (mentioned value on Bam when Adams injury happened, but gone now).

If you don't understand the world, it's impossible to determine the value of anything else in it, eggs included Memes are becoming valuable because they give us an unbiased and hilarious window onto reality, but also allow us the space to make up our own minds (7/9)

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Google, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, and now Twitter run by CEOs who grew up in India. Wonderful to watch the amazing success of Indians in the technology world and a good reminder of the opportunity America offers to immigrants. INUS (Congrats, @paraga !)

Trump valued Mar A Lago at $739 million — the real value is closer to $75 million. He bought his Jupiter golf course for $5 mill — the next year he valued it at $62 million. A markup of 1,100%. Just wow

Warmest congratulations @RishiSunak ! As you become UK PM, I look forward to working closely together on global issues, and implementing Roadmap 2030. Special Diwali wishes to the 'living bridge' of UK Indians, as we transform our historic ties into a modern partnership.

In school, students cheat because the system values high grades more than students value learning.

Shocked, stunned & miserable… Will miss you Warnie. There was never a dull moment with you around, on or off the field. Will always treasure our on field duels & off field banter. You always had a special place for India & Indians had a special place for you. Gone too young!

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Your reminder that America's richest 1 percent now own half the value of the U.S. stock market. The richest 10 percent own 92 percent. So when Trump says the stock market is the economy, know who he's really talking about.

Reactions are instant if emotions are constant let's say for instance that you had a conscious

Instead we've made plenty of extra great seats available on the Twickets app for every night at face value prices.

So We are working with an app called @Twickets  where we've held back some good seats for our tour at face value prices. Pls check it out.