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Ukraine's leader received a coronavirus vaccine shot in a bid to dispel widespread public skepticism about vaccination. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy was given the jab as he visited the military near the area of the separatist conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is facing bipartisan criticism and a call for a federal investigation after the state set up invitation-only Covid-19vaccination clinics in at least two upscale communities

Montana's live venues are standing by, ready to help distribute more vaccines to more Montanans. I'm calling on @PresElectBiden ' Coronavirus Task Force to utilize large event spaces to bolster vaccination efforts so we can get this pandemic behind us and get folks back to work.

People trying to book #vaccination  times in #Finland  face congested phone lines and confusing instructions

Karnataka: A show-cause notice has been issued to Dr M Jayanand, RCH Officer, Haveri district in connection with the vaccination given to State Agriculture Minister BC Patil at his home. (02.03)

Nigerian Govt Begins Online Registration for Covid-19 Vaccination: #Nigeria 

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NSW citizens are set to use their phones to prove their vaccination status, with ­officials closing in on a ­passport-style plan that could prohibit venue entry to ­people who refuse the jab. Find out all the details 👇👇

Those prioritized for COVID-19 vaccination should receive the mRNA vaccines as a first choice. Where that is not an option, experts say the benefits of early vaccination outweigh limitations of a less effective dose.

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Netanyahu turned the vaccination program into the central theme of his campaign. If the Pfizer CEO comes before the election, he will become a political prop, Alon Pinkas writes


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NEW—Interim analysis of Russian#COVID19  #vaccine  phase 3 trial involving nearly 20,000 participants suggests a two-dose regimen has an efficacy of 91.6% against symptomatic #COVID19 . No serious adverse events were deemed to be associated with vaccination.

I waited for a vaccination appointment, and patience was rewarded. Drive-thru in Pasco County. Moderna. No adverse effects. I think it was the National Guard running the show. Very cool. Get it done, folks. Let's kill this thing.

Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March Dr. Fauci has been distorting the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity It isn’t just him Many in elite bubbles believe the American public doesn’t know “what’s good for them” so they need to be tricked into “doing the right thing”

Wouldn’t it be great if government had the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses of everyone over 65 who qualifies for vaccine?!!! It does. It’s called Medicare & it has no role in vaccination appointments.

JUST IN: NFL pledges to President Biden to utilize every team stadium as a #covid  mass vaccination site

I know the tape is bad, and vaccination is behind schedule and we’re going to pass 400,000 deaths (!) by Inauguration Day, but just remember how high the corporate tax rate used to be and how much lower it is now.

The Biden-Harris COVID-19 response plan will include: ✓Setting up community vaccination sites nationwide ✓Scaling up testing and tracing ✓Providing paid sick leave to contain spread of the virus ✓Addressing health disparities

Tomorrow, 16th January, India begins the pan-India rollout of COVID-19 Vaccination drive. The launch will take place at 10:30 AM tomorrow morning.

On 16th January, India takes a landmark step forward in fighting COVID-19. Starting that day, India’s nation-wide vaccination drive begins. Priority will be given to our brave doctors, healthcare workers, frontline workers including Safai Karamcharis.

Watching the vaccination of politicians who have done more to help the virus spread instead of containing it