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#SCClearsModi Joint report by Shah-Nanavati clearly says, 'fuel was thrown inside the coach carrying Kar Sevaks and then the train was attacked by a mob of Muslims', @Sanju_Verma_hits  out at @touseefakhan  @thenewshourAGENDA  | @PadmajaJoshi 

Alcohol is considered forbidden under Islamic law and while drinking is not prohibited for any religion in the secular country's bars, the act itself is frowned upon by conservative Muslims. #jakpost 

The GOP, including Donald Trump, has largely moved on from its anti-Muslim obsessions, at least for now. Which has led to a remarkable shift. For the first time in my adult life, we Muslims aren't particularly important in America, and no one seems to care about us all that much.

Police in India have demolished the homes of several Muslims accused of protesting derogatory remarks made by ruling party figures about the Prophet Muhammad.

“Places of peaceful contemplation, for remembrance of God” - the enduring significance and history of Cape Town’s kramats for South Africa’s Muslims

If the use of Uyghur Muslim forced labor in Xinjiang "is a lie created by those who want to discredit the Chinese government," as Beijing claims, why doesn't Beijing open up the region for inspection? A "lie" better kept hidden?

Thanks to @AsimCP  for opening the discussion with his important paper: "The Case Against 'Islamism'. " I disagree with various parts, but it's a conversation more Muslims need to have, because it gets at some fundamental questions. Read the paper here:

White House Won't Confirm If Biden Would ‘Press’ PM Modi on Protecting the Rights of Indian #Muslims 

Saudi Arabia has always used fear and religious abuse to distract and brainwash Muslims into submission. Now they use the entertainment industry and reforms to make it seem like they're giving women their rights. Basic human rights aren't given, they're inherent.

‘They will butcher our stories’: how British TV is failing Muslims


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The U.S. military is buying location data about Muslims retrieved by Muslim dating and prayer apps, per @VICE . Apps include Muslim Pro (150 million downloads) and Muslim Mingle. The data is reportedly collected by a third party called X-Mode, which then sells it to contractors.

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China has detained over a million Muslims in concentration camps — and no one is doing anything about it

Eid Mubarak to all the muslims all around the world 🌎 May Allah bless everyone 🤲🏼 Taqabbal-Allâhu Minna wâ minkum 🤍 #alhamdulilah  🤲🏼❤️

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan .

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The ugly truth is this: White supremacist terrorism is a real and present danger. When the President and other leaders use racist or dehumanizing language to describe immigrants and Muslims as invaders, angry and isolated men with guns are listening. And acting.

This is America and we aren't going to throw out 11 million people who are undocumented. We’re not going to turn against Muslims.

I'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I'm waking up ready to fight.

"I will be a president for all of the people." —Donald Trump* *Except women, people of color, LGBT people, Muslims... #Debate 

Except for African Americans, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, women, veterans—and any so-called "losers" or "dummies."