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Universal Credit: What people in Wales say it's like having to survive on the benefit

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Half a million Universal Credit claimants hit by sudden tax debt deduction

Low hanging fruit: DWP is deducting old tax credit debts from universal credit paid to poorest families, some going back 17 years leaving unemployed families struggling many overpayments were due to HMRC errors.

UAE Exchange & Financial Services, The Repco Bank and Chaitanya India Fin Credit are among the four applicants for universal banking license, Reserve Bank of India announced Thursday.

How to cancel Universal Credit if your circumstances change as lockdown eases

We owe our military personnel, veterans and families a huge amount. Today I was proud to announce @ScotTories  manifesto pledges👇 🗣Enshrine the Armed Forces Covenant in law 💷 Create a new top-up benefit for those on Universal Credit 🏡 Introduce a specific Help to Buy scheme

DWP confirms integrated PIP, Universal Credit and ESA assessment trial will resume this month

DWP makes important change to Universal Credit for people making new claims

HM Revenue & Customs has cut payments to hundreds of thousands of universal credit claimants during lockdown in an aggressive tax raid on the country’s poorest families

Universal Credit, PIP and state pension rates rise today - check on your entitlement now


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This is how much the Tories care about the working class: In a vote to #CancelTheCut  to Universal Credit – a cut that will push 730,000 working class kids into poverty – Tory MPs didn't even bother to show up. They are not, and never will be, on your side.

Sunak steals my rhetoric but no substance. Working people hit by income tax rise as thresholds frozen, council tax rise, pay freeze for public sector workers, cliff edge cut in Universal Credit in months, nothing for disabled on legacy benefits and over 2 million still excluded.

Rishi Sunak was sent to an elite private school & Oxford, before becoming an investment banker & marrying the daughter of a billionaire. He's the richest MP. A single policy in his budget – the Universal Credit cut – will plunge 500,000 people into poverty. That's class war.

In Parliament today, the billionaire-funded Tories – led by an old Etonian & whose Chancellor is the richest MP – is refusing to #CancelTheCut  to Universal Credit. The cut will push 730,000 kids into poverty. Let's call this what it is: An attack on the working class by the 1%.

Shocking how many in this country are unaware that you need internet to be on Universal Credit. You need digital for welfare in this country. Broadband is an essential.

Yesterday Tory Peer Dido Harding said it is "appropriate" to pay 900 consultants £1,000 a day for Test and Trace due to “extreme emergency circumstances”. Tory MPs also went ahead with the £1,000 Universal Credit cut for 6m families facing “extreme emergency circumstances”.

The government has frozen key workers’ pay, cut Universal Credit and failed to provide free school meals to hungry kids. Now they attack workers’ rights and holiday pay. Boris Johnson talks a lot about levelling up, but his actions always level us down.

I've written to the PM about his emergency legislation. For Labour support, we need: 1. A fresh vote on the legislation every 6 months 2. Guarantees on jobs, incomes, sick pay and increased Universal Credit 3. Rent suspension for those affected and a 6-month ban on evictions

Lots of objections to class war appearing. Totally agree. Assault on welfare state, slashing top rate and corporate tax while imposing cuts on everyone else, driving people to food banks, Universal Credit, pay freezes, growth in zero hours. Where will it end? FFS.

Almost a million people have applied for Universal Credit in two weeks. Normally it's 100,000. The government needs to provide the DWP with extra resources so it can process applications, end the 5 week wait and raise benefit levels so they are enough to live on.