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We understand how scary it can be to confront the blank page, particularly without a richness of policy expertise or politically appealing life experience to draw upon

@Sanatan_Thought Yes. I understand the official crew forwarded the images to a list of journalists through mobile phones . The journos then put out identical tweets quoting sources .

“I’ve never felt more authentic in my identity,” says Deni Todorovič, who came out as non-binary during the COVID lockdown. “Mum still misgenders me occasionally, but I understand it’s a process, and she’s my biggest fan.” What will you ask Deni? | @smh 

@edithot Hi! We understand that it can be frustrating when flight schedules change. For further support, use this link and connect with 'Chat with Bo'. Thanks for your patience!

"I don't understand how it's not considered a hate crime," the artist behind the creation said.

ICYMI: Nas Manager Dave Martinez called the repeated miscues “kind of disappointing,” but added: "These are going to be some of the growing pains we have. They’re teaching moments. We’re going to teach them and we’re going to get them to understand.”

BREAKING: Azeem Rafiq has said that the charges against seven of the eight defendants have been upheld by the CDC today He adds that cricket needs to understand the extend of its problems and address them 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

RT @Anurag_Office : As we move from 5G to 6G which will be your era, we have to understand the emerging pattern of quest for information and…

@rageplantdota Hi Darin, we understand your time is valuable and we're disappointed to hear about this. Could you please share the CVS Pharmacy location where you scheduled your appointment, so our team can look into this further? Thank you.

@smithsj @MAbsoud  @apsmunro  Yes, nobody suffers more from lack of better definition and studies than patients. I understand the control group issues obviously, but it’s clearly not just that especially for the severely affected. There is a substantial number suffering—plus post-viral umbrella is larger.


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The first United goal just proved the people who make the rules don’t understand the game.

I am inspired by curiosity. That is what drives me. So let us expand the scope & scale of consciousness so that we may aspire to understand the Universe.

It's hard for me to understand that they feel more threaten by my black skin than a 17-year-old with an AR-15. LET THAT SINK IN! THEY'RE MORE THREATEN BY MY BLACK SKIN THAN A WHITE KID WITH A GUN!!!

Pelosi & Schumer blocked desperately needed unemployment payments, which is so terrible, especially since they fully understand that it was not the workers fault that they are unemployed, it’s the fault of China!

@CalvinHarris you clearly didn't understand what I just said either

" in places that we've never been , for reasons we don't understand " #MadeInTheAM 

People need to understand how huge this is. Maya Moore is one of the most decorated basketball players of all time and she halted her career IN HER PRIME to right an injustice. This is just amazing.

I want all Americans to understand: we are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people...

WOW MAN!! ??‍♂️. Is it still surprising at this point. Sure isn’t! You literally still don’t understand why Kap was kneeling on one knee?? Has absolute nothing to do with the disrespect of ?? and our soldiers(men and women) who keep our land free. My father-in-law was one of those

We all understand this father’s action. Nassar’s punishment will go far beyond sentencing. Behind bars, he’ll soon know what hell means. He’ll be well taken care of.