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Norris Henry is said to have stabbed Elizabeth Walsh in the back before walking on and knifing 20-year-old Ali Abucar Ali fatally in the chest

RT @SaChellali : 🧵 TN The authorities should immediately free former prime minister and VP of Ennahda party Ali Laarayedh and other politica…

RT @AndrewFandinoAI : This week Ciham Ali, a US national, is turning 26 years old. She was arrested and disappeared by the #Eritrean  governm…

Ali Wong opens up about significance of sex scenes in new Netflix series Beef

Tunisian authorities have detained Ali Laarayedh, a former prime minister and a vice-president of the opposition Ennahda party. He is being prosecuted for his decisions and policies in office and not for specific criminal acts.

Saif Ali Khan's nonstop wit was nothing short of real-life standup comedy: #SomyAli  recalls working with actor #SaifAliKhan 

Ali Wong is the antiheroine TV deserves in Netflix's brutally funny road-rage drama "Beef," @shirklesxp  writes:

“Beef” on Netflix looks at how strangers can become enemies under simple, random circumstances. Its star, Ali Wong, says the role was a natural fit: “Rage comes easy. I’m not really performing.”

#Beef, starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, is a grand testament to how much-underutilized talent exists beyond the periphery of Hollywood’s white gaze.

From “Sex/Life” to “365 Days,” Netflix has been home to some chaotic sex scenes. Still, the scene where Ali Wong’s character gets turned on by a gun in 'Beef' is the strangest yet. @beastobsessed  breaks it down:


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Ali Velshi: You might not like how the Biden administration or the Federal Reserve is handling inflation, but the problem is a global one, not one created by this White House...there are 100 economies with higher inflation rates right now than America.

Yeah umm … that is definitely not the reason it failed

BREAKING: Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, 'the greatest of all time,' has died at 74

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BREAKING: Boxing legend Muhammad Ali has passed away at age 74, family spokesperson says.

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While I very much appreciate P.M. Abe going to Iran to meet with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, I personally feel that it is too soon to even think about making a deal. They are not ready, and neither are we!

God came for his champion. So long great one. @MuhammadAli  #TheGreatest  #RIP 

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"So, when are u gunna be a girl?" Umm... I am a girl. A girl can be who she wants. Im just saying. Lets be a lil more open minded here.

BREAKING: Three-time heavyweight boxing champion & Olympic gold medalist Muhammad Ali dies at age 74.

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IM READY!!!! Oh my bad I thought, maybe u were, umm never mind back to my regular schedule program