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Several notable Ukrainians who collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust as well as prominent ultra-nationalists accused of murdering Jews were included in Ukraine's "virtual necropolis" memorial. Reporting by @jeremysharon  | #Nazi  | #History 

Ukrainians have jumped on the #Bernie SandersMittens challenge. Here @ukrposhta  shows Sanders sitting in line to get his pension, while made him a street vendor, an MP in the Rada, and a winter fisherman

Today, Ukraine marks Unity Day! #OTD  31 years ago, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians created an 700km human chain stretching from Kyiv to Lviv, to mark a historical unification of W&E Ukraine. RFE/RL gathered historical 📸 of the day:

Due to #COVID19  , Ukrainians did not link hands over the Dnipro on anniversary of Unity Day. But a "unity chain " was nevertheless created - online. It connects Kyiv and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, occupied by Russia since 2014:

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Russians and Ukrainians also love the Bernie meme and are making it their own in tremendous ways. 📸 via @Kremlinpool_RIA  and Babel

Gallup's public opinion poll shows that some one-third of Ukrainians and Northern Macedonians are not satisfied with their lives, which is among the largest shares in 42 polled countries. Source:

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The long winter celebrations coming to an end in #Ukraine . On Jan 18 Ukrainians celebrate “Holodna Kutya” (Hungry Kutya) or Second Holy Night. The faithful fast all day & families sit down to dinner when the first evening star appears in the heavens. Lenten dishes are served.

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#ThisDayInHistory Anti-protest laws, commonly known as “dictatorship laws”, 10 laws restricting freedom of speech & assembly, passed by Parliament of #Ukraine  on Jan 16, 2014 & signed into law by Yanukovych. Ukrainians reacted by wearing all sorts of humorous & curious headgear.


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“I would like you to do us a favor though.” It’s been one year since Trump sought re-election help from Ukrainian’s president. And set in motion a process that lead to his impeachment. Since then, Trump begged China’s president to help his campaign. The cancer only grows.

1. A massive Facebook Page called "I Love America" — which has 1.1 million followers — is actually run by Ukrainians Recently, the page has started pushing caustic pro-Trump propaganda It's the tip of the iceberg

🚨🚨🚨So shocked to see this, I’m sure the media will jump all over it🙄🙄🙄 Hunter Biden’s Ex-Firm Accused of Trying to Bribe Ukrainians Officials

2.And this is an interview with John Bolton describing the president's conversations w/ the president of Ukraine as warm & cordial in Aug 2019.If he thought at the time that the president was stiff-arming the Ukrainians, he had a funny way of showing it

@Jim_Jordan  calls it like it is: The Ukrainians got a call from the President. The Ukrainians got a meeting with the President. The Ukrainians got security assistance from the President. What did the President get in return? Nothing. No quid pro quo.

“The President never told me to withhold any money until the Ukrainians did anything related to the server. The only reason we were holding the money was because of concern about LACK OF SUPPORT FROM OTHER NATIONS and CONCERNS OVER CORRUPTION.” Yesterday’s Mick Mulvaney statement

Laura Cooper's testimony reveals how Trump froze Congressionally-approved aid to Ukraine. Cooper raised concerns about this hold, as did others. She also told us how Volker implied the hold might be resolved if the Ukrainians issued a statement. Read:

“More Ukrainians would undoubtedly die without security assistance,” said Ambassador Taylor. He’s saying @realDonald Trump put his own campaign’s needs over countless lives. People died because Trump wanted to cheat his way to re-election. #ImpeachmentHearings 

Neither he (Taylor) or any other witness has provided testimony that the Ukrainians were aware that military aid was being withheld. You can’t have a quid pro quo with no quo.” Congressman John Ratcliffe@foxandfriends  Where is the Whistleblower? The Do Nothing Dems case is DEAD!

?Fiona Hill describes this scene: In a White House meeting, Sondland tells Ukrainians they will get a Trump meeting if they open the investigations Trump wants. Then, Sondland follows the Ukrainians out of the meeting to privately make clear he's talking about Hunter Biden.