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Deputy Bucha city council mayor Mykhailyna Skoryk-Shkarivska: Can you imagine having to take your kids to bomb shelters, no lights, no heat, no electricity,…. because Putin decided Ukraine doesn’t exist. And he wants to see Ukraine without Ukrainians. … Please think about that.

UARURussia's 2021 census showed a record drop in the number of Ukrainians living in Russia. 👉 Sonya Savina for @istories_media , now on @worldcrunch 

This incremental dolling out of weapons might have been prudent at the beginning of the war, but it is no longer tenable. It is only prolonging the war and allowing the enemy to kill Ukrainians and destroy more cities. UA forces have proven their mettle in spades so do it.

"The 25 Russians convicted so far of war crimes in Ukrainian courts include a soldier who forced two Ukrainians at gunpoint to hand over laptops and money, four who beat and tortured Ukrainian soldiers, and two who admitted shelling residential buildings."

Liev Schreiber Headlines D.C. ‘UnSanctioned’ Event To Bolster Support To Ukrainians

UARURussia's 2021 census showed a record drop in the number of Ukrainians living in Russia. 👉 Sonya Savina for @istories_media , now on @worldcrunch 

#ICYMI : 20,000+ Ukrainians who sought protection at the US-Mexico border in the weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 were successfully processed mainly at one port of entry. Read th @wrcommission  report on this processing and lessons learned:

Pompeo Says Solution to Conflict Should Be Acceptable to Both Russians, Ukrainians

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“For the sake of both regional stability and long-term U.S. security, Washington needs to sustain a hard-headed, clear-eyed empathy for the interests of the Russians as well as of the Ukrainians and other nationalities.”

Ukrainians to get millions of LED light bulbs to ease energy shortfall


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@elonmusk  “welcome” to Twitter. Can you find time to come with me to @Ukraine  to see all the suffering of the Ukranian people? @SpaceX  Starlink has been a blessing,we need to keep supporting @ZelenskyyUa  and the Ukranian people on their fight for freedom. Ukraine for Ukrainians!

Happening now on the frontline near the eastern city of Avdiivka, Russian forces are using white phosphorus against Ukrainians. 📸 Photos from a Ukrainian lieutenant taken in real-time moments ago as we spoke. He described the situation as “madness.”

Everyone who now calls for Zelensky to make "territorial concessions' in exchange for a cease fire should remember what this will actually mean: tens or hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians will die.

If Putin wins in Ukraine, he emboldens autocrats all over the world. If Ukrainians defeat Putin, they will embolden democrats all over the world. The stakes of this war are global.

Ukrainians are selling used Russian Tanks on eBay

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If you think Russian concentration camps for Ukrainians are unthinkable in 2022, remember China has had concentration camps for Uyghurs in Xinjiang for years with minimal reaction from the world.

last words for some incredibly brave ukrainians

1. A massive Facebook Page called "I Love America" — which has 1.1 million followers — is actually run by Ukrainians Recently, the page has started pushing caustic pro-Trump propaganda It's the tip of the iceberg

@Jim_Jordan  calls it like it is: The Ukrainians got a call from the President. The Ukrainians got a meeting with the President. The Ukrainians got security assistance from the President. What did the President get in return? Nothing. No quid pro quo.

Neither he (Taylor) or any other witness has provided testimony that the Ukrainians were aware that military aid was being withheld. You can’t have a quid pro quo with no quo.” Congressman John Ratcliffe@foxandfriends  Where is the Whistleblower? The Do Nothing Dems case is DEAD!