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🔴Heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces battered various parts of Ukraine on Tuesday as referendums in four regions Moscow hopes to annex were due to close Follow our live blog for the latest ⬇️

How To Invest In Ukraine: Top Ukrainian Stocks On Global Markets via @Qai_Invest 

Ukrainian and Russian forces were locked in heavy fighting in different parts of Ukraine on Tuesday as Russian-organized referendums in four regions Moscow hopes to annex drew to a close. #Ukraine  | #Russia 

The battle for the critical Donbas region in Ukraine’s east is now centered on two strategically important cities: Lyman and Bakhmut. The fighting is fierce as both Russian and Ukrainian forces race to claim new ground before winter sets in.

British man splits from Ukrainian refugee he dumped his partner for

‘Difficult to See on Radar’: Iranian Built Drones are Showing Success Against Ukrainian Forces | The Foreign Desk

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Artists welcome Ukrainian refugees to Philadelphia with 'Listening Loom'

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Also tucked in here, the United States is now directly funding the entire Ukrainian government for at least the next quarter, i.e. Ukrainian government salaries. Think about this hard. The United States is fully funding a foreign government.

I really believe we've reached the point of no return. The US and Russia are now both fully committed. Russia especially is against a wall. The US is fully funding the entire Ukrainian government. Europe is just part of the battleground. This is a humanitarian tragedy.

To keep Darth Vader's voice 'alive', LucasFilm turns to Ukrainian AI company


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President Zelensky walked to a hospital today to visit wounded Ukrainian soldiers and award them with state honors for their sacrifices.

Malaysia Airlines has lost contact of MH17 from Amsterdam. The last known position was over Ukrainian airspace. More details to follow.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy turns down U.S. request to evacuate Kyiv, saying: "I need ammunition, not a ride" - AP

A reminder that the Ukrainian commentator for #Eurovision , Timur Miroshnychenko, is broadcasting from a bunker in an undisclosed location tonight

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Message from a Ukrainian solider: If anything happens don’t let us be forgotten. We are surrounded in Mariupol no way out.

1/14 How an ordinary Russian TV viewer (one of whom I currently am) sees it. I learned about the monstrous events in Bucha yesterday morning from the news that Russia was convening the UN Security Council in connection with the massacre by Ukrainian Nazis in Bucha.

No expert, but the invasion doesn’t seem to be going particularly well. Ukrainian tractor steals Russian APC today 👇

There is reportedly a Ukrainian fighter pilot who has taken out 6 Russian jets in air to air combat. He is being called the "Ghost of Kyiv"

One of the few positive effects of these scary times is the increased interest in skateboarding. It’s been uplifting to see so many learning to skate in their “downtime.” I believe they’re in pursuit of the same feeling this Ukrainian girl got when she landed her first kickflip.

2020: - US killing Soleimani and Iran retaliation - Iran downs Ukrainian plane - Trump impeachment - Russian PM resigns - New strand of coronavirus - Philippines volcano eruption - Turkey earthquake - Kashmir avalanche - Australian fires - Indonesia floods - Kobe dead