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Nokia wins 5G deal with BT after Huawei was banned from UK networks

UK minister says she can’t remember detail of Covid rules via @ThomasWPenny 

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“We have the talent, we have the potential, all need to do is give people the chance.” Prime Minister@BorisJohnson  says “now is the time” to fix skills and technical education in the UK. Follow today’s events live:

UK coronavirus news: PM unable to clarify details of how new lockdown rules work in north east England

Boris Johnson says coronavirus has exposed the “shortcomings” of the UK’s educational system - latest

The UK left the European Union on January 31. Here we look at the latest figures and key dates in the ongoing Brexit process

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Reddit’s UK ad pitch: ‘I’d want to know what people really think about my product’

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Harry and Meghan Markle were the runaway royals because of what they perceived to be the UK’s intrusive media, but they have now become “royal version of the Kardashians,” according to Spiked Online’s Brendan O’Neill.

Here's how Merseyside compares with other parts of the UK


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BREAKING: UK’s Channel 4 has obtained a huge data leak from Trump’s 2016 campaign. The leak reveals personal data of almost 200 million voters used by Trump’s campaign, which manipulated algorithms to deter millions of Black Americans from voting.

The "radical idea" of universal health care is a reality in: Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Rep. Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal S. Korea Spain Sweden Switz. Turkey U.K.

The richest 400 Americans sit on $3 trillion—the size of the entire UK economy. The billionaire class now pays a lower tax rate than people living paycheck to paycheck. The looting of America has been going on for over 40 years—and the culprits are the ultra-rich.

BTS have done it! 's Map of The Soul: Persona debuts at Number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart. Full story:

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Yayyyyy number one in the uk so amazing this record means a lot to us so happy u guys are loving it thanks you x

People of the UK ! What a great feeling to Wake up and find out that you've got a number 1 album . Thank you so much , means a lot

Our hearts go out to those killed and wounded in Manchester. Americans will always stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the UK.