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Thespian, woodworker, cow-dad & author @Nick_Offerman  tells #TWSS  about glacier hiking with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, his role in the new A League of Their Own, “Donkey Thoughts,” his favorite type of joint & more. A truly splendid & roborative conversation.

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Is there any more beautiful wilderness than Goat Rocks, along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State? Climb mountains, cross a glacier, spot mountain goats, drink from snowmelt streams. Glorious!

The Rhone Glacier, which feeds into the Rhone river, melted significantly this summer because of heat waves. From June 18 to July 18, the elevation where snow appears moved up 250 meters in the mountain.

Missing India soldier's body found on glacier after 38 years

Satellite data from #Sentinel  showed glaciers shrinking after a heat wave in mid-June. The Sabbione Glacier, which feeds into a hydropower reservoir, lost about 35% of its snow cover from June 10-18. The glacier continued to lose snowpack throughout the summer as heat persisted.

The remains of an Indian army soldier have been found more than 38 years after he went missing on a glacier at the highest point along the heavily militarized contested border between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, officials said Wednesday.

The remains of an Indian army soldier have been found more than 38 years after he went missing on a glacier at the highest point in Kashmir.

The soldier and 17 other colleagues were occupying a ridge on Siachen Glacier, high in the Karakoram range in disputed Kashmir's Ladakh region, in May 1984 when they were hit by an avalanche, officials said.

Indian soldier’s body found on glacier after going missing for 38 years


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❄️A melting Alpine glacier has revealed hidden WW1 tunnels and bunkers. Historians delight in troves of lost artefacts - but have 'huge concern' about the impact of climate change on the Alps’ 4,000 glaciers. Thread ~👇

@narendramodi  France expresses its full solidarity with India, after a glacier burst in the Uttarakhand province, leading to the disappearance of over 100 people. Our thoughts are with them and their families.

Doomsday update just dropped: "If Thwaites Glacier collapses, it opens the door for the rest of the West Antarctic ice sheet to slide into the sea. ... It’s not only goodbye Miami, but goodbye to virtually every low-lying coastal city in the world."

SOUND ON: What sound is made when you drop a nine-inch ice core—a sample of ice drilled from a glacier—down a 450-foot deep hole in Antarctica? Turns out it's something like a series of cartoon ricochets!

Tour our solar system w/our Gravity Assist podcast & learn about: Our single ⭐️+ its closest planet ⚪️ Our home ? Our neighbor ? The ? planet The ice giants ? The Red Planet ? The ☁️ giant The orb w/the ⭕️'s The world w/the ? glacier visit:

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1971: PM IndiraGandhi in Leh before slicing Pakistan into two. 2005: PM Manmohan Singh on 1st visit to Siachen by a PrimeMinister. India still holds the glacier. 2020: what can India expect? Decisive action/retaining territory???

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Iceland just held a funeral for its first ever glacier lost to climate change.

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So, NASA just discovered a huge hole in Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. If we’re unlucky, this glacier alone could lead to as much as 10 feet of sea level rise over the next 100yrs—flooding every coastal city on Earth and grinding civilization to a halt.

A huge cavity has formed under the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica. If it collapses, sea levels could rise by another two feet in a matter of decades! This is just one glacier. We must cut carbon emissions quickly by investing in cleaner energy sources.

This weekend, Glacier National Park recorded the hottest temperature in its history: 100°F Now, it's on fire and being partially evacuated. Glacier -- National -- Park