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Richest households could lose £400 energy discount if truss'>Liz Truss wins leadership race

Truss is prioritising tax cuts and has promised targeted help for the poorest, and Sunak is planning higher payments to pensioners and those on benefits as well as scrapping VAT on energy bills

The Labour leader will set out a £29bn plan today to prevent energy bills rising for six months, as polling indicates big majorities in favour of this idea and windfall taxes that LizTruss’s team said would raise the risk of recession

Labour leader Keir Starmer wants to extend the UK's windfall tax on oil and gas companies @lizzzburden  digs into the detail — and explains how Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak might respond

Truss wants to make No 10 ‘economic nerve centre’ if she becomes PM via @FT  Good, the PM should have a strong understanding and knowledge of economics, financial markets and money.

truss'>Liz Truss could revive pensioners' petrol voucher scheme reportedly blocked by Rishi Sunak

The Sunday Express joined its sister daily and several other national newspapers to endorse truss'>Liz Truss yesterday: Get a full rundown of the endorsements as they stand here

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truss'>Liz Truss allies warn Keir Starmer's plan 'would make crisis worse'

Conservatives must unite behind truss'>Liz Truss - this is spot on from @JamesCleverly ⁩ and @BrandonLewis ⁩. #LizForLeader  is best placed to unite both the party and the country, and to continue to deliver on levelling up for places like Newcastle.


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I have been asked on here if I have ever looked at the benefits of freeports. The honest answer is no, but that is because I have never been able to find any such benefits. I have, however, looked at the massive downsides to this idea that both Sunak and Truss support. A thread..

I did an extended interview for German magazine Stern tonight. I said that unless Truss and the Bank of England change their policies people will die from the cold and hunger this winter. It brings me no comfort to say so, but the truth had to be told, and I think this certain.

Calling HM 🫅…. Can Gordon Brown be PM please while Johnson is on his taxpayer funded honeymoon, Zahawi on holiday, and Truss and Sunak have their never ending bollocks-talking sessions with golf club bores?

It turns out truss'>Liz Truss willfully misrepresented her own public sector pay proposals

Jarring moment at Exeter hustings was when Sunak said Truss’s Australia free trade deal was bad for GB farmers but he wouldn’t renegotiate because it would be wrong to rip up an international treaty. Hello! Paging Mr Sunak! NI Protocol Bill is holding for you on the other line

Stupid populist policy announcement from Truss, followed by screeching u-turn followed by egregious lies. What a grimly familiar cycle. Boris Johnson’s corruption of British politics will not be fixed by his removal from Downing Street.

truss'>Liz Truss claims she became a Tory because kids at her school “weren’t getting the opportunities they should have”. Liz spent her entire time at school under Conservative governments. Who does she think was in charge of education? What sort of fools do they take us for?

Liz Truss among seven MPs who put Amazon Prime subscription on expenses

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"BIG TRUSS!" Oh, how the tables turn ?

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