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"Policy uncertainty may have reach a point at which outsiders just stop buying Chinese stocks, says Zhang Zhiwei of Pinpoint Asset Management. ... [Beijing's] message is clear: the Marxist pursuit of power trumps market logic."

“We are excited to resume discovery in this important case about a years-long consumer fraud on hard-working Americans perpetrated by Donald Trump & three of his adult children,” Wants Trumps documents “We can begin taking depositions as soon as possible.”

Apple's Q3 Earnings Trumps Estimates Amid Strong iPhone Sales; Services Performance, Installed Active Devices At Records $AAPL

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says She Got the Vaccine After Being Reassured Once the Trumps Were Vaccinated - People

Biden's popularity has now DROPPED below that of Donald Trumps and Barack Obama's. I wonder why? 🤔

Carapaz trumps Pogacar in Olympic road race to win rare Ecuador gold

'Keyless theft is all the rage, and the Met — who, along with the insurance company, came up trumps in the end — tell me that practically every car stolen these days is a Range Rover, a Land Rover or a Jag.' ✍️ Sam Leith


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The Sudanese immigrant who was naturalized during the RNC came to the US in 2012. Had she tried to come today she would’ve been denied entry by Trumps Muslim Ban which includes Sudan. So basically Trump actually banned people like her but was willing to use her for political gain

Almost simultaneous to Obama remarks expressing best wishes to the Trumps, the Trump campaign sends out a fundraising email attacking “Lyin’ Obama”

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I really hope General Kelly will speak in public to American voters about his assessment of Trumps abilities as a Commander in Chief before Election Day.

I have never seen Trumps original birth certificate. I know his mom was born in Scottland. People seem to be wondering where he was really born. I guess the question needs to be asked because he seldom tells the truth.

Wait, kids on TikTok reserved the empty seats at Trumps rally? The President was publicly trolled by our children. Have an extra drink tonight parents, you’ve done well.

Trumps border wall falling over in high winds...

trumps'>President Trumps speech was excellent both as to substance & delivery & I would urge congressional & media Dems, as well as NeverTrumpers, to finally get behind his efforts & that of his admin, to address the coronavirus, rather than trying to continue to rip this country apart

None of the Trumps have been hacked because everyone knows they would never give back to their community

Trumps campaign appears to believe he has won the election by putting on a mask, which raises the question of why they resisted this tactically brilliant political move until after 133k deaths

Tough to decide what the worst part of Trumps CDC visit was - Saying he wanted to keep sick people on a ship to fudge the numbers - lashing out at the gov of the worst hit state - being preoccupied w/ the ratings he got on Fox - or saying anyone can get tested when they can't