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Trump demands ‘raging maniac’ NY AG Letitia James ‘be banished from the legal profession forever’ #TrumpRally 

Trump rally 'guest management' discourages one finger salutes as 'Qanon song' plays again: report #TrumpRally 

- #TrumpRally  - Trump calls documents probe ‘hoax’ as he rails against NY attorney general lawsuit LATEST UPDATES

Watch: Dramatic music plays over Trump's dark speech at Youngstown rally #TrumpRally 

#Trump: I will never stop fighting for the people #TrumpRally 

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If I ever get in trouble with the law, my defense in court will be “look at all the shit Donald Trump has gotten away with.” #TrumpRally 

Watch: Trump declares it is actually Democrats who are a threat to democracy #TrumpRally  1/3

Trump says Mitch McConnell should be ‘scorned’ as he campaigns for Dr. Oz #TrumpRally  2/3

Compare this to Biden’s demonic speech on Thursday. #TrumpRally  #Trump  #MAGA 

'Dramatic, sad music' plays as Trump paints dystopian picture of America during 2-hour speech #TrumpRally  3/3


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TRUMP: "They turned Afghanistan into the greatest humiliation our country has ever seen..." #TrumpRally  #SaveAmerica 

TRUMP: "They say [Crazy Nancy Pelosi] wants to move to Florida. Keep her the hell out of Florida." #TrumpRally 

#BREAKING Trump fails to fill Wyoming arena at rally against Liz Cheney: report #TrumpRally 

Trump: "The most angry person anywhere in this country is Hillary Clinton." #SaveAmerica  #TrumpRally 

On my way to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a #TrumpRally . Look forward to see you all soon!

Spotted more personalized tees at the #TrumpRally  in Minny.

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Protestors chant #KendrickLamar  after receiving news that the Chicago#TrumpRally  was cancelled. ✊

Protesters crash #TrumpRally , forcing Trump to postpone event over security concerns. #ChicagoStopsTrump 

Nah, lady, sorry - wrong country; wrong century; wrong everything. #NotHavingIt  #America  @ejwamb  #TrumpRally  photo)

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