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not surprising by now, but still astonishing, that House Republicans keep whitewashing the deadly Jan 6 insurrection yes, they assisted Trump in inciting it but it turned on them, put their loyal Vice President in mortal danger, and the entire world saw it

Analysis: Takeaways from a day of congressional Republicans embracing Trump and downplaying the US Capitol riot

Just in: Republicans vote to remove Liz Cheney from leadership role over Trump ‘big lie’ criticism – live

Republicans tried to hide bad news about Trump's popularity

House Republicans will vote soon to replace Liz Cheney as GOP conference chair over her opposition to former President Trump

Dissatisfied with the GOP’s devotion to Trump, a growing number of Republicans look for an alternative

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, an outspoken Trump critic, recently wrote in The Washington Post that Republicans must “steer away from the dangerous and anti-democratic Trump cult of personality.” Listen:

Via @washingtonpost : House Republicans oust Cheney from leadership for calling out Trump’s false election claims


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As of today, 9,944 Arizona Republicans have changed their party registration since the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Please, fellow Republicans, we cannot continue to excuse former President Trump's behavior and promote falsehoods about the election.

0 Republicans voted for the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill. 278 Republicans voted for Trump’s $1.9 trillion tax cut for corporations and the rich. This tells you everything you need to know about the GOP.

Republicans, do Your duty as Americans. Tell Trump to stop playing fiddlyfuck and concede so we can get on with the nation’s business. People are dying.

If Senate Republicans fail to convict Donald Trump, it won't be because the facts were with him or his lawyers mounted a competent defense. It will be because the jury includes his co-conspirators.

So let me get this straight: Republicans in Congress wanted to impeach Obama for passing the Affordable Care Act, but they don't want to impeach Trump for inciting an insurrection?

These horrible & politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives. We need more Justices or we will lose our 2nd. Amendment & everything else. Vote Trump 2020!

The question is not whether Trump has committed impeachable crimes. He has. The question is whether Republicans in Congress will affirm that an American president is not above the law.

For those who were convicted of lying to cover up his crimes, Trump urges lighter sentences and dangles pardons. He demands his enemies be investigated and prosecuted. He retaliates against witnesses and public servants. Republicans’ response? Silence.

Donald Trump and Republicans just celebrated voting to let thousands of Americans die so that billionaires get tax breaks. Think about that.

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President Trump is exacting his retribution, removing those who complied with subpoenas, came forward, and testified about his misconduct. These are the actions of a man who believes he is above the law — Precisely the kind of conduct Congressional Republicans enabled.