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FORTE is tracked with MLAT. No ADS-B out.

Operation Grace included checkpoints, targeted operations in high-crime areas and high-tech cameras that tracked criminals. It's paying off.

📉 Tracked#silver  inventory for sale at APMEX drops below 1,000,000 ounces for first time since November. #silversqueezesqueeze  📉 #goldracked '>#goldracked  inventory for sale at APMEX drops below 14,000 ounces for first time since September.

Wow. $ARKK yesterday had an inflow of about 5.8% of previous day's assets. That's the highest percentage in the roughly 3 years I've tracked the ETF. Somebody wanted in. @EricBalchunas  @Keubiko  @bgrahamdisciple  @passthebeano  @QTRResearch  @zerohedge  @JCOviedo6  @montana_skeptic 

We Tracked Michael B. Jordan’s Style Evolution From Teen Soap Star to Hollywood Hot Shot

I have always tracked FCF yield and OCF yield for my portfolio. Now I added FCF ROIC with and without Goodwill. My Portfolio has the following: FCF Yield: 3.5% (+600bps ex $AMZN) OCF Yield: 5.3% ROIC ex GW: 31.4% ROIC w/ GW: 20.31% (+300 bps ex $AMZN) Do you do smth similar?

Parliament: Tender process for flood mitigation projects fast-tracked — PM - Bernama

A senior Republican says changing US export controls needs to be fast tracked to speed up delivery of the second pillar of the AUKUS agreement.

The Kentucky House fast-tracked a bourbon barrel tax repeal today despite pleas from distillery-heavy counties: | @christopherotts 

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Australia will command a fleet of eight nuclear-powered submarines within the next three decades under a fast-tracked plan that will cost up to $368 billion.


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I’m moving $1B of my Square equity (~28% of my wealth) to #startsmall  LLC to fund global COVID-19 relief. After we disarm this pandemic, the focus will shift to girl’s health and education, and UBI. It will operate transparently, all flows tracked here:

NEW: a common response to reports of hospitals struggling this winter is "it’s no different to a bad flu season!" I’ve tracked down historical data on flu ICU admissions, including winter 2017-18, a record high. Here’s how England’s Covid winter compares to a bad flu season 📹

Police: Womantracked down brother's suspected killer, murdered him, then sent a text to her dead brother afterward letting him know she had avenged him.

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1. ABOUT LAST NIGHT I participated in a Twitter space hosted by @katienotopoulos  w/a lot of journalists When I joined @Jason , one of Musk's apparatchiks, was badgering @drewharwell , a suspended reporter, and Jack Sweeney, the guy behind the accounts that tracked jets 🧵

Exclusive: Telegraph journalists tracked down Nirav Modi, the billionaire diamond tycoon who is a suspect for the biggest banking fraud in India's history

FTX meltdown/ransack being tracked in real-time on Twitter

Today Texas reported: * 0 Covid related deaths--the only time that's happened since data was tracked in March, 2020. * the fewest Covid cases in over 13 months * the lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate ever * the lowest Covid hospitalizations in 11 months. Thanks, Texans!

Almost the same moment gunfire erupted in Santa Clarita (about 11 ET), Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith objected to moving a background check bill added to the Senate calendar on March 4. Said it shouldn't be "fast tracked" and it might stop her from lending a rifle to a grandson.

Biden’s pledge to nominate a black woman to the SC has predictably become a debate about qualifications. Reminder: Amy Coney Barrett had never been a judge before Trump fast-tracked her on the appeals court in 2017, never tried a case to verdict or argued an appeal in court.

Just tracked piano for the first time in the same room i tracked guitar for the first time. So so excited for you guys to hear this one❤️