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The outcome of Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU was determined by "the quarrels, low blows, multiple betrayals and thwarted ambitions of a certain number of Tory MPs", Michel Barnier has said

Boris Johnson forcing his Tory MPs to vote against free school meals whilst he asked super-rich Tory donors to secretly pay for his childcare. One rule for him and his mates, and another for the rest of us.

Tomorrow is the biggest set of elections we’ve ever had outside of a General Election. It’s your chance to vote against Tory sleaze, Tory pay cuts NHS staff, Tory MPs leaving our kids to go hungry and for a better, fairer future as we recover from Covid.

So you're telling me @BorisJohnson  was asking Tory donors to pay for childcare at the very same time as whipping Tory MPs vote against free school meals?

Britain's Brexit trade deal with the EU was determined by "quarrels, low blows, [and] multiple betrayals" by self-aggrandizing Tory MPs

When Tory MPs say there’s no money to give NHS staff a pay rise, to feed working class kids in the holidays, or to raise Universal Credit, remind them the government is set to spend £200 million on a new royal yacht. If there’s money for the Royals, there’s money for the people.

@AngelaRayner  . says: “Boris Johnson forcing his MPs to vote against free school meals and making stealth cuts to schools at the same time as asking Tory donors to pay for his own childcare is yet more evidence that it’s one rule for him and his mates another for everyone else...

Remember the two child limit which pushed children into poverty, the stigmatisation of working class families and Tory MPs telling parents not to have kids if they can't afford to look after them? @BorisJohnson  is asking Tory donors to pay for childcare.

Boris Johnson urged to speed up the end of lockdown by fed up Tory MPs after UK records lowest death toll for nine months

tory mps'>Backbench Tory MPs should not be complicit in moves to exclude veterans who served in Northern Ireland from protections provided to others. @JohnnyMercerMP .


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Disgraceful. Tory MPs just voted down protections for the NHS in trade deals. It means the NHS is on the table in future deals – ready to be opened-up & sold off to US corporations. You can't trust the Tories with the NHS.

Yesterday Tory Peer Dido Harding said it is "appropriate" to pay 900 consultants £1,000 a day for Test and Trace due to “extreme emergency circumstances”. Tory MPs also went ahead with the £1,000 Universal Credit cut for 6m families facing “extreme emergency circumstances”.

The fact the BBC 10 O'Clock News reports Angela Rayner saying a rude word about a Tory MP, but not Conservative MPs voting to drive hundreds of thousands of children into hunger, says everything you need to know about our broken media.

.⁦⁦ @elashton ⁩ reports that minutes after addressing 50 Tory MPs in a room with a notice saying capacity was 29, @BorisJohnson ⁩’s office tweeted that meeting in groups of more than 30 is illegal, punishable with huge fine. Satire is dead

Something pathetic about dozens of middle-aged not very bright men and women (Tory MPs) tweeting cut and paste joy and expecting congratulations for taking away the rights of young people to travel, work and live in some of the greatest, safest, most prosperous countries on earth

Tory MPs cheering on 64,000 excess deaths as something to be proud of is not a good look, guys. #PMQs 

Theresa May’s pledge to Tory MPs to stand down if they vote for her deal shows once and for all that her chaotic Brexit negotiations have been about party management, not principles or the public interest. A change of government can't be a Tory stitch-up, the people must decide.

Today in #PMQs  the Prime Minister refused to guarantee protection for the #NHS  in a US trade deal. Make no mistake, an extreme Brexit is a profound threat to our health service - and MPs who love the NHS need to oppose the Tory Brexit plans.