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A tornado has hit the tourist hotspot of Marbella, uprooting trees and damaging property as one person was left injured by the freak weather event

Tornado hits Marbella as 'terrifying' freak weather smashes the Spanish resort town

Hickman County, KY, Emergency Management Director Justin Jackson discusses his experiences before, during, and after the violent tornado of December 10, 2021. #RememberingDecember10th 

Treasury officials would have done more for national security by leaving Tornado Cash alone

Fulton County, KY, Emergency Management Director J.L. Atwill discusses his experiences before, during, and after the violent tornado of December 10, 2021. #RememberingDecember10th 

"Complete devastation" -- What is life like in Gaylord after a massive tornado tore through the town?

A Dawson Springs family is thankful for community support after losing their 2-month-old in the Decembertornado outbreak: | @ValerieChinn 

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Alabama's hottest tornado spot in 2022 lies just south of Tuscaloosa in Greene and Hale Counties

2012 Ky. tornado outbreak survivor planning toy drive for kids impacted by flooding


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Do Kwon: Free Sifu: Free Alex Mashinsky: Free Su Zhu: Free Tornado Cash developer: ArrestedCrypto: The land where it’s okay to rug/swindle billions of $ from retail investors, but writing code to provide basic privacy is a jailable offence.

As Florida recovers from Hurricane Ian and Kentucky continues to recover from major tornado damage, why are so many billions of U.S. tax dollars going overseas instead of helping Americans?

Rand Paul begs Biden for federal aid to Kentuckytornado victims -- after a career of voting 'no' when others needed the same

Ukraine needs more weapons as fast as possible -- T-72 tanks & other armored vehicles, long-range artillery and 155-millimeter & 152-millimeter artillery shells, multiple launch rocket systems (Grad, Smerch, Tornado) air defense systems (s-300s, BUK), anti-ship missiles & MiGs.

Some of the worst destruction from the Kentuckytornado was centered in Mayfield, a town of nearly 10,000 people. At least 110 people were huddled inside a candle factory in the area when a tornado ripped through.

This is beyond horrific. As a tornado approached, workers at a Kentucky candle factory were reportedly told *they’d be fired* if they left their shifts early. The factory was leveled. Eight people died. Corporations will literally let you die to make a buck. Never forget that.

‘Sorry About The Tornado Or Whatever,’ Says Trump Wolfing Down Bowl Of Chili While Consoling El Paso Shooting Victim

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Trump criticized Obama for golfing during the 2013 tornado outbreak, during Ebola outbreak and soon after 2016 Louisiana floods. Today, the U.S. embassy in Iraq has been stormed. Trump just arrived at his golf club.

As Governor, I walked through tornado sites w/ Pres Bill Clinton and he graciously posed for photos, signed Bibles and other things as ppl asked him to. No FAKE NEWS stories about it. does it and media freaks out. Get a life, media-and a real job just reporting.