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In the States the Republicans won’t change gun laws and children die. Here Tories will let Johnson rewrite the ministerial code and democracy’s dying. But so too will children, because he won’t fund the services they need. Right wing politics is bankrupt, dangerous and deadly.

In 1688 England had a peaceful revolution to finally rid itself of Stuart rule. As Johnson and the Tories pursue their corrupt hold on power the precedent of the necessary replacement of deluded rulers comes to mind as much as Cromwell’s demand that ‘In the name of God, go!'

NEW: The @TorontoStar  editorial board endorses Liberal candidates in ridings they can defeat Tories and New Democrats in ridings they could stop PC hopefuls. (A reminder: the editorial page has nothing to do with news coverage.) #onpoli 

How magpie Tories steal Labour policies and rebrand them as their own

January 2022: Labour calls for a windfall tax on oil and gas profits to lower energy bills. Five months later: the Tories finally U-turn. Their delay has cost British households millions of pounds a day.

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🔊On this episode of @ChoppersPodcast  presented by @christopherhope  The head of the 1922 committee, @SirGrahamBrady , gives his reaction to where the Tories can go post Sue Gray and partygate Listen here ⤵️

Blair is starting a new centrist party with his gathering? Doubt it. He's very clearly setting out to design the policy agenda for Labour aimed at winning the next election. Should, probably won't, scare the Tories.

@singharj  1️🗳️ By election The Tories are facing a battle to hold on to two parliamentary seats in twin by-elecitons in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton following the resignation of MPs caught in sex scandals. ➡️ Defeat in both on the same day would be a major blow.

🔊On this episode of @ChoppersPodcast  presented by @christopherhope  Minister for Trade, @PennyMordaunt , talks about partgate and how the Tories respond moving forward Listen here ⬇️


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I think I’m the only MP to have worked in children’s television and so let me say the decision to end broadcasting of CBBC on TV is awful. It’s a truly inclusive, vital and brilliant channel. It’s a terrible legacy for the Tories to have squeezed out kids TV imho.

Tories have a very odd view of the world. Labour must not oppose. Bishops must not talk about the teachings of Christ. The SNP must not mention independence. Lawyers must not uphold the law. And Tories can do whatever they like. Is that naive on their part, or deeply sinister?

Just had chat with Top Lawyer: Durham Police have policy of not investigating retro potential breaches of COVID rules. So how are we here? “The Tories leant on Durham Police to not investigate Dominic Cummings and leant on them to investigate Starmer.” Make of that what you will

Last night the Tories passed a Bill that requires photo ID to vote. They say it's to stop voter fraud but really it's about voter suppression: Voter fraud is almost non-existent, but 3.5 million people – disproportionately from poor & marginalised groups – don't have photo ID.

Serco's CEO is the brother of a former Tory MP. His partner is a Tory Party donor. And Serco's former top spin doctor is the Tory Minister for Health. In Parliament, I just voted for Test and Trace funding to go to local public health teams, not Serco. The Tories voted it down.

Imagine being convicted of an offence but instead of serving a sentence, your mates *arrange* a review of the justice system to let you off scot-free That's what Tories are trying to do. It's a shameful undermining of an independent system of scrutiny to save one of their own

The absolute bantz of the Tories using the tag line #BritainDeservesBetter  after being in Government for 9 years. You're not wrong lads.

I see some Tories are calling for a sentence of ten years in jail if you scrawl paint on a monument (that can be washed off) Average sentence for rape is 8 years. Good to see they’re getting their priorities right.

"We try not to eat a lot in one day, even though most of us are really hungry." This sentence should never be uttered by any child, let alone one living in the 5th richest country in the world. Make no mistake, the Tories are responsible for this.

Yesterday Google announced its UK tax bill will be just £50 million despite nearly £6 billion of sales in our country. As our public services are being slashed, the Tories are letting an elite few get away with not paying their fair share. We're not broke, we're being robbed.