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A medical team from New Zealand say they didn't expect the severity of January 15 events on Tongans, as many try to rebuild their lives.

Tongans are facing "a once-in-a-lifetime triple disaster" with the current Covid outbreak making relief operations after a volcanic eruption and tsunami even harder.

Honolulu hairstylist Georgina Onesi told KITV4 she knew she needed to do something for her family and other Tongans suffering in the aftermath of the disaster. Feeling an urgent need to help, she started Project Love Tonga.

One week after a massive volcanic eruption, Tongans are facing a shortage of food and drinking water supplies.

Tongans in Anchorage are starting to hear from their relatives in the Pacific.

The United States is sending $100,000 worth of assistance, including water and hygiene kits, to help Tongans affected by a volcanic eruption and tsunami that struck the South Pacific nation a week ago.

‛Older Tongans with a tradition of self-reliance remarked that young people had been forced to stop looking at their smart phones and had leapt into action’ /via @Reuters 

Tongans determined to rebuild battered homeland after eruption

'tongans'>Proud' Tongans determined to rebuild battered homeland after eruption.

Saturday gathering to support local Tongans following eruption


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“Our ears were ringing”: Tongans describe harrowing volcano eruption, hours swimming at sea

Tongans told to stay indoors to avoid inhaling volcanic ash that may devastate their environment for years, say scientists

tongans'>Overseas Tongans were desperately seeking word from their loved ones after a huge undersea eruption severed communications lines two days ago.

Terrifying footage has emerged of Tongans fleeing tsunami waves caused by an underwater volcano erupting on Saturday afternoon.

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#UPDATE  tongans'>Frightened Tongans fled to higher ground Saturday after a massive volcanic eruption that triggered tsunami warnings across the South Pacific, including the entire US West Coast

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Tongans flee tsunami as volcanic eruption triggers warnings across South Pacific

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tongans'>Frightened Tongans fled to higher ground Saturday after a massive volcanic eruption -- heard in neighbouring countries -- triggered the area's second tsunami in as many days

Tongans flock to vaccination centres after the government warns the main island Tongatapu might be plunged into lockdown next week after recording its first case of Covid-19

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"Everyone knows the village and the land that they came from but they can’t see it.” Take a trek to see how Tongans are getting the Pacific Islands on #StreetView  for the first time.