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Anti-abortion protesters descended on Washington on Friday for the annual March for Life, which took on a celebratory tone this year as marchers anticipate the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

This statement belongs in the tone deafness hall of fame

Ian Shaw says he was “very reluctant” to play his father Robert Shaw in the acclaimed new play The Shark Is Broken, which depicts the behind-the-scenes dramas during the making of Jaws. “It took a lot of persuasion,” because “if we got the tone wrong… it would be a disaster.”

In its highlights of accomplishments, DOST said that a possible collaboration on the “integration of aeolian tone in architectural design” of houses was discussed with DLS-CSB.

From a pure comms perspective you need to screw up pretty badly if I somehow end up being the guy worrying about the common man. I'm about as bubbled in a precious world of make believe as they come and even I sometimes wince at this stuff and think, wow, that's tone deaf.

Reader: "Their choice to align with a political party, rather than as neighbors, set the tone for a most divisive council."

Reducing Digital Miscommunication By Setting Clear Expectations And Appropriate Tone @MeghaanL  #Advicers 

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the right to an abortion is no longer enshrined in federal law and Jen Psaki wants us to have a margarita. This is some of the most tone deaf shit I’ve ever heard.

Desmond Howard. BJ Raji. Max McGee. Jeff Janis. Rodgers and Favre. They've authored some of the greatest playoff moments in Green Bay Packers history.       

The CDC's and the right’s optimistic tone around the Covid deaths of people with pre-existing conditions is problematic, writes Jayne Mattingly. It ignores the fact that millions of people live with a chronic illness and remain at risk:


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CNN and MSNBC were at first unhinged but they clearly got the call from the top to cool it. The tone totally changed after the first hour. Guess they don’t need/want riots with Democrats in charge and polling the way they’re polling… unlike last year.

Every person of colour has an experience like this. We raise blatant examples of racism and some posh white person tells us we're being aggressive and that we should watch our "tone". Still shocked that happened to me in Parliament yesterday.

@chrislhayes : "Frankly, there is something kind of appalling about the tone of normalcy that has resumed in the nation's capital this evening."

Slavery was an evil and not a necessary one. Police don’t need tanks. The Republicans have not been legislating on Covid for 2 months. The President never, ever changes his tone. In the middle of a pandemic republicans are suing to take away your health care. Nazis are bad.

A tone-deaf speech by Nigeria’s president Buhari missed a chance for empathy amid national protests

my vocal engineer always asking for less vibrato and more straight tone Im like sir I am gay the straight does not come natural

i hear you asking me to do a stream& donate the $ to BLM. i think it would be tone deaf for me to stream right now. instead, i’d like to offer my twitch/instagram to any activist from the black community who feels they would benefit from using my platform to amplify their voice?

Trump is attacking Fauci - again - on Twitter tonight. The president of the U.S. is attacking the U.S. government's top expert on infectious diseases. Every reporter who said we were seeing a 'new tone' or a 'pivot' from this president on covid should hang their heads in shame.

Japan just closed schools for a month. If you're a parent with school-aged children: think for a second about how massively disruptive this would be. This is the kind of thing that Dr Messonier told Americans to prepare for and it's also totally at odds with the President's tone.