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Afghanistan on Agenda for Upcoming OIC Council in March #TOLOnews 

UN Warns 6 Million People in Afghanistan Face Famine Risk #TOLOnews 

Higher Education Ministry' Working on Plan' for Female Education#TOLOnews 

Qatar Envoy Speaks with Kabul Officials About Economy, Girls' Education#TOLOnews 

Mujahid also expressed his condolences about the recent earthquakes in Turkey. 2/2 #TOLOnews 

Herat Rounding Up Large Numbers of Drug Addicts: Police Official#TOLOnews 


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Video: Today's protests in Kabul by women calling for their rights to be upheld. #TOLOnews 

In an act of solidarity with his female colleagues, Sebghat Sepehr presents the main TOLOnews 6pm bulletin, masked. Respect to @SepehrSebghat  and the entire @TOLOnews  team

Video: Protesters in Kabul called for the release of Afghanistan's frozen bank assets. #TOLOnews 

TOLOnews@SepehrSebghat ⁩ breaks down while discussing the recent ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan. How can these events not get to them? We remain proud of our colleagues for their professional and dignified approach to daily news (and for not losing their humanity)

Video from social media shows people protesting in Kabul chanting anti-Pakistan slogans. #TOLOnews 

A slogan chanted by protesters and written on signs: “Pakistan, Pakistan, leave Afghanistan.” #TOLOnews 

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Speaking from Panjshir with TOLOnews, Amrullah Saleh, one of the resistance leaders, says he’s still there and reports of intensified fighting there. #TOLOnews 

Protest in Kabul to Preserve Rights Turns Violent #TOLOnews 

. @TOLOnews ⁩ female journalists continue to do their jobs undaunted

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TOLOnews and the Taliban making history again: Abdul Haq Hammad, senior Taliban rep, speaking to our (female) presenter Beheshta earlier this morning. Unthinkable two decades ago when they were last in charge @TOLOnews ⁩