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22 Killed, 100s of Houses Damaged in Earthquake in Badghis #TOLOnews 

Work Underway to Increase Kajaki Dam Capacity #TOLOnews 

Key Money-Exchange Market in Kabul Shut Down #TOLOnews 

At least 12 people killed in an earthquake in Badghis province in western Afghanistan: TOLOnews

Women Protestors in Kabul Urge US to Release Bank Assets#TOLOnews 

UN: Islamic Emirate Trying to 'Erase' Women From Public Life#TOLOnews 


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Video: Today's protests in Kabul by women calling for their rights to be upheld. #TOLOnews 

Video: Protesters in Kabul called for the release of Afghanistan's frozen bank assets. #TOLOnews 

The Taliban have detained TOLOnews cameraperson Wahid Ahmadi who was filming the protest today in Kabul. #TOLOnews 

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Our brave female journalists out and about in Kabul this morning @TOLOnews ⁩

Hundreds of Afghans are protesting with slogans critical of Pakistan in Kabul today. #TOLOnews 

Speaking from Panjshir with TOLOnews, Amrullah Saleh, one of the resistance leaders, says he’s still there and reports of intensified fighting there. #TOLOnews 

. @TOLOnews ⁩ female journalists continue to do their jobs undaunted

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Taliban entered the TOLOnews compound in Kabul, checked the weapons of the security staff, collected govt-issued weapons, agreed to keep the compound safe. #Afghanistan 

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TOLOnews and the Taliban making history again: Abdul Haq Hammad, senior Taliban rep, speaking to our (female) presenter Beheshta earlier this morning. Unthinkable two decades ago when they were last in charge @TOLOnews ⁩

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani has left that country, reports TOLOnews quoting sources (File photo)

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