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“The best answers often come from those who are closest to the problem,” says Jen Carter, Head of Tech & Volunteering at at #TNWValencia  on the Growth Quarters stage

RT @ZubiGroup : 🔵 #TNWValencia  Very interesting to go into "Deep diving: Seeking investment for an impact startup" with @garciapd  @Plastik …

RT @ZubiGroup : 🔵 Day 2 at #TNWValencia ! 🎡 Come together to get inspired by the most innovative ideas, #startups  and speakers in the world…

In tricky economic times, investor @nicole_velho  of @sieventures  has some advice for #founders  at #TNWValencia  preparing for their next fundraising round "At the moment it's about managing the cash flow and extending that runway as far as possible"

The game is on! The Startup Pitch Battle finals have just kicked off at #TNWValencia .

RT @VLCTechCity : 🔛 Startups defend the Pitch Battle Finals at #TNW València. València becomes a showcase for talent. Do your best! 👏 htt…

@crowmie_es is our Pitch Battle winner 🏆 Congratulations to you and all our finalists <3 #TNWValencia 

That's a wrap on #TNWValencia  2023! Thank you to all who joined, and if you didn't, see you next year 😉


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We're here at 'Going global: a VC's guide to preparing for international investment' at #TNWVal ència. For startups to succeed overseas, says @vpalmerbcn , they must have people "working on the ground in that country who understand that market."

At the #TNWValencia  Impact Stage, @wenwen  from @GradientVC  is chatting with @thenextweb 's @thomas_macaulay  about AI-powered large language models. "LLMs can't do everything for you, but they can speed up creative processes tenfold - that is a game-changer," says Wen-Wen.

At #TNWValencia  @alexroca91 , the first person to ever complete a marathon with a 76% physical disability, spoke about the importance of self-confidence and resilience, noting that "only you set the limit for yourself."

"It's better to embed ESG at the early growth stage than retrospectively once the company is established" advises Thomas Röhrl from @bmwfoundation  at #TNWValencia