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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday of “complications of metastatic pancreas cancer,” the Supreme Court announced. Her death will give President Trump the opportunity to name her replacement, setting off a titanic confirmation battle.

A sclerotic empire coasting on its self-image as titanic historical forces eat away at its dwindling power and force a reassessment of itself? wouldn’t be me!

Fifty years of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid today. Absolutely titanic music for the ages.

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Bill Barr’s Titanic Lack of Self-Awareness @fordm  - @newrepublic )

@mikegalsworthy  @Jacob_Rees_MoggIts  like telling the passengers of the Titanic after it hit an iceberg to admire the innovations in its engineering as they scramble to get to the lifeboats.

Since some of the Trumpers don't like me comparing his track record with that of Angela Merkel's, red states like Florida and Texas have more than 30 times the death rate of Japan and 50 times the rate in South Korea. Trump has done a good job like the captain of the Titanic.

They didn’t listen to the band on the Titanic either and the band kept playing on. RT Remix *GoRAClNG


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Last night the deck chairs on the Titanic were rearranged.

"Titanic is returning to nature" Parts of the wreck are now deteriorating rapidly [Tap to expand]

Class in defeat. After a titanic contest, Rafael Nadal waits to walk off court with opponent Gilles Muller#Wimbledon  #ManicMonday 

watching titanic and then feeling like you literally got run over by a truck from crying so hard is the best feeling

Comparison of the Titanic and a modern cruise ship

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Bumped into Mike Bloomberg at airport today & he was wearing t-shirt that said “I just spent $500 million on a campaign that made the Titanic look like a fun cruise & all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Shirt was Extra Small and he was drinking a 32 oz Mountain Dew.

some of you never had to watch the last half-hour of Titanic on a second VHS tape and it shows

Arya killing the Night King with Titanic music, y'all are QUICK #GameOfThrones 

Time it took to reach $2 billion at the box office: Titanic: 5,233 days Force Awakens: 54 days Infinity War: 48 days Avatar: 47 days Endgame: 11 days