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Terrance McKinney's #UFC263  KO win is tied for the 4th fastest KO in @UFC  history. What a debut! All #UFC263  Results ⤵️:

‘People of Praise leaders failed me’: Christian group tied to Justice Amy Coney Barrett faces reckoning over sexual misconduct - The Washington Post

‘Child martyrs to national evils,’ Frank and Till’s legacies increasingly tied

We’re tied! Jordan Beck crosses the plate after Connor Pavolony grounds out to third. #VOLS 

Here is a closer look at those tied for fourth or better heading into Sunday's final round at Thornblade.

Here is a closer look at those tied for fourth or better heading into Sunday's final round at Thornblade.

In the wake of Keystone’s demise, Canada badly needs a new energy strategy. We’ve bet heavy on pipelines and we depend on a flawed electrical grid tied to old approaches. David Olive suggests we get on with building a better tomorrow. #Opinion 

Biden's "hands are tied by globalists and his increasingly left-wing party who would gladly cede US policy to multinational corporations" says @Tom_Basile  ahead of the Biden-Putin meeting.

btw, with all the discussion lately about the time and difficulty may businesses are having restaffing, it is worth mentioning that there was a reason some of us thought the PPP program, which kept workers tied to their employer, was a good idea

ER visits tied to suspected suicide attempts by teen girls rose, CDC reports

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At least 19 people were killed and hundreds more injured in days of demonstrations across Colombia. Protests against a tax overhaul tied to the pandemic have morphed into a national outcry over rising poverty, unemployment and inequality.

Thousands of people are dead in Florida, the tourist industry has taken a body blow, but Biden and Trump are tied, 48% to 48%. Help me understand this.

Just so we’re clear: Three days ago, Fox News reported that Joe Biden was identified as a FINANCIAL BENEFICIARY in a deal worked out between Hunter and a Chinese energy company tied to the communist government. And his campaign hasn’t denied it.

The internet is undefeated. Never lost. Never even tied. Dogs, bruh...

We need Medicare for All so that your health insurance is not tied to your job.

Jaime Harrison is tied with Lindsey Graham in the SC senate race!!!!!!!! 42-42

Internal REAL Polls show I am beating all of the Dem candidates. The Fake News Polls (here we go again, just like 2016) show losing or tied. Their polls will be proven corrupt on November 3rd, just like the Fake News is corrupt!

I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens. In fact, he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this, it was only to sell a book. With that being said, the...

Short-term: we must provide emergency unemployment assistance and include workers who depend on tips, gig workers, domestic workers and independent contractors. Long-term: we need Medicare for All so your health insurance is not tied to your job.

Amb. Bolton reportedly heard directly from Trump that aid for Ukraine was tied to political investigations. The refusal of the Senate to call for him, other relevant witnesses, and documents is now even more indefensible. The choice is clear: our Constitution, or a cover-up.