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RT @thereidout : "What is going on with Republicans that they seem to be bringing back the lynching vibe?," @JoyAnnReid  asks as #Texas  Gover…

RT @thereidout : Reinstated#Tennessee  St. Rep. @brotherjones_ '>Justin Jones @brotherjones_  speaks to our guest @ministter  saying of the statehouse speaker:…

RT @thereidout : Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, the freshman lawmakers expelled in Tennessee after protesting against gun violence, had be…

Veterans group calls for the U.S. military to stop airing Fox News in its facilities after recent court filings reveal the network's hosts knowingly endorsed false claims after the 2020 presidential election. (via @TheReidOut  Blog)

RT @thereidout : @mintimm  on a judge putting FDA’s approval of mifepristone – the abortion pill – on hold: "It is wild, completely dystopia…

RT @thereidout : ‘I can’t imagine anything closer to slavery’: Joy Reid on the anti-abortion movement's apparent endgame for women. WATCH M…

@SimonWDC : "I think you're seeing in this country now... a greater awakening, that we have to say no to MAGA." #TheReidOut 

#Tennessee St. Rep. Sam McKenzie@RepMcKenzie ): "To have our two youngest African-American members expelled for a rules violation--a five-to-ten second rules violation--is asinine when they break the rules every day." #TheReidOut 

#Tennessee St. Rep. John Ray Clemmons@JRClemmons ) on GOP expulsion of former St. Rep. @brotherjones_ : "The people want him there. They knew who they were electing. It is offensive for them to violate our democracy and replace him in that manner." #TheReidOut 


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DeSantis’ migrant plane stunt isn't a "protest." It’s a racist charade. (via @thereidout  Blog)

Women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. #TheReidOut  #reiders 

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@JoyAnnReid : "Here's how to do fascism--for fun and profit." #TheReidOut 

The #Trump-appointed  judge who voided the mask mandate for planes. #TheReidOut 

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Republicans in 33 states have introduced 165 bills restricting voting access after the 2020 election. #TheReidOut 

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"Jamie Raskin gave ... maybe the best oral argument I've ever heard. It was both head and heart." @neal_katyal  on #TheReidOut .

Here are the states that have same day voter registration tomorrow. #TheReidOut 

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Both Georgia US Senate seats are up for grabs in 2020. #TheReidOut 

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