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And @ReverendWarnock  talks to @JoyAnnReid  to talk about his run for US Senate in Georgia. Tune in, #Reiders . #TheReidOut 

Rep. Scott was also arrested with a handful of protesters. We'll talk to her tonight on #TheReidOut  for more.

"By now we know who Donald Trump is and he didn't waste any time." @ReverendWarnock  on #TheReidOut .

Protests continue as the family of Breonna Taylor demands for more answers. Rep. Attica Scott and @rcallimachi  join #TheReidOut  tonight.

"We have not seen any transparency, even as elected officials." @Booker4KY  on the Breonna Taylor decision. #TheReidOut 

"We had to run then so we can win now." @MikeEspyMS  on his run for Mississippi Senate. #TheReidOut 

"We are going to leave no stone unturned that voters decide this election, not Donald Trump." @ChrisMurphyCT  on 2020. #TheReidOut 

"The South is the battleground." @JoyAnnReid  on the races in 2020 to watch. #TheReidOut 

"It's a result of decades of disinvestment." @MikeEspyMS  on Mississippi's streak of electing Republicans. #TheReidOut 


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"He always goes right after women." @GloriaSteinem  on Trump saying he's not a fan of Meghan Markle. #TheReidOut 

"I don't want to be gracious anymore. I want change, I want it now." -- Ellesia Blaque on #TheReidOut .

"The Attorney General is, in essence, running a campaign effort out of the Justice Department." @JoyceWhiteVance  on Bill Barr. #TheReidOut 

"This is not an isolated incident." @tedlieu  on Trump calling fallen service members 'losers.' #TheReidOut 

My first appearance on @msnbc  in almost four years, and it’s with the one and only @JoyAnnReid  #TheReidOut  !!

"He is the drunk, dancing, monkey, with an AK-47 who just shoots off at the mouth." #TheReidOut 

Um.... @MalcolmNance  just tore the bark off Trump on @thereidout  over his remarks about the military. 🔥

4 years ago: "I alone can fix it." Now: "It is what it is." #TheReidOut 

"He's never gotten over it." @MaryL Trump explains the 'Mashed Potato story' involving Trump. #TheReidOut